SIGnature Torch On Application

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SIGnature Torch On System Application
When using our SIGnature Torch on System the following application guidance is recommended:

All SIGnature and associated products must be stored on end, on a clean, level surface away from excessive heat and under cover.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces over which SIGnature and associated products are to be installed must be clean and dry. The deck must comply with the relevant requirements of BS 6229:2003. If a primer is necessary, this must be allowed to dry completely. Porous or very dusty/friable surfaces may require a second coat of primer.

Normal good practice must be followed and be generally in accordance with BS 8217.

In compliance with good practice, part completed work should be protected from water ingress and night seals created where applicable. Completed work should be protected from damage, particularly if following trades will be working on or over the roof.

Site Quality Control
Regular inspection of the work in progress should be made to ensure that the work is executed to a good standard and in accordance to the specification.

Site Safety
Guidance given in BS 8000:1989 and the CDM Regulations: 2007 should be followed. Provision should be made for adequate scaffolding to ensure the safety of operators in accordance with health and safety requirements.

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