Intensive Roof Gardens

IKO Permatec Intensive Roof Gardens system provides a “protected membrane” system which usually incorporates insulation. IKO Permatec Anti Root is fully bonded to the structural deck, usually concrete, and covered by insulation (usually XPS), separation layer, IKO Plasfeed 20 reservoir board, IKOgreen Intensive Growing Medium (minimum depth of 200mm), specialist planting (grass, trees, bushes etc) designed by landscape architect and installed by a landscape contractor. Note: Intensive roof structures are very heavy (from 250kg/m2) therefore the structural deck must be designed to receive this loading.

IKO Permatec Anti Root provides a unique flexible fully bonded monolithic waterproofing system usually on “completely flat” structural decks. Details (upstands, abutments, rainwater outlets, penetrations etc) are all fully bonded into the IKO Permatec Anti Root system ensuring total security.

Intensive Roof Garden designs often incorporate “features” (walls, handrails, lighting etc) which are secured to the structural deck through the waterproofing system. These items can be securely waterproofed using the appropriate IKO Permatec Anti Root waterproofing detail.

The complex design and build up of Intensive Roof Gardens requires the most robust of waterproofing systems providing long term security. Roof leaks underneath these build ups can prove to be disastrous for everyone involved. IKO Permatec Anti Root is used underneath many Intensive Roof Gardens on prestigious buildings around the UK.

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