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SIG Design & Technology Accredited Contractor scheme is the essential ‘third element’ of our roofing design, specification and supply service.

Our Design and Technology Accredited Contractor scheme (DATAC) ensures that designers, clients and main contractors deal with financially credible, trained specialist roofing contractors who have an on-going relationship with the products they work with and are supported on site to deliver high quality projects.

DATAC contractors are just one of the ways that SIG Design and Technology is able to support end users of our roofing products. To ensure that the roofing solution you choose will meet your client’s requirements and perform as required throughout its life, your project will require:

  1. A registered and monitored Installation Contractor;
  2. Good detailing appropriate to the conditions;
  3. Technical backup during the design process;
  4. On-site support, including inspections and quality checks;
  5. Product guarantees for your client

Only DATAC contractors can install roofing systems that have been designed, supplied and guaranteed by SIG D&T.  If you are a contractor and want to find out more go to our Benefits to Roofers section or if you are an architect and want to find out more about DATAC go to our Benefits to Architects section.

SIG Design & Technology are now offering DATAC members contract support to assist in winning work on bids over 500m2Click here to find out more.