G Detailing PVC Membrane

IKO Armourplan G membrane is a glass tissue reinforced detailing PVC membrane on IKO Armourplan roof systems. The glass tissue reinforcement offers excellent dimensional stability and flexibility allowing the material to form easily into intricate details ensuring the roof installation is fully waterproofed.

IKO Armourplan detailing PVC membrane can be adhered to suitable detailing surfaces using IKO Armourplan PVC Contact Adhesive or Sprayfast PCA Adhesive. All overlaps and joints with are heat welded using suitable hot-air welding equipment.

IKO Armourplan G membrane can be used to waterproof the joints between IKO Armourplan membrane coated metal flashing sections and gutter joints or used to form complex details such as pipe penetrations or external corners. IKO Armourplan detailing PVC membrane can also be used to form adhered upstands.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent flexibility for complex detailing
  • Good UV resistance and durability
  • Good mechanical properties and product performance
  • Efficient and safety installation
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IKO Armourplan – G datasheet

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