Substructure Waterproofing

IKO Permatec Substructure Waterproofing system provides a “protected membrane” system which usually incorporates a drainage board. IKO Permatec ECOwrap is fully bonded to the “POSITIVE” side of the structure, usually concrete and covered with an IKO Plasdrain drainage board and then structural concrete, backfill etc to suit performance criteria. Note: IKO Permatec cannot be used on the “NEGATIVE” side of the structure (eg. the inside of basements etc).

IKO Permatec ECOwrap provides a flexible fully bonded monolithic waterproofing system to flat or vertical substrate surfaces. Details (upstands, abutments and penetrations etc) are fully bonded into the IKO Permatec system ensuring total security.

Substrate Waterproofing designs often includes the vertical surface of external walls of underground car parks and storage areas. A vertical drainage board is recommended to provide drainage and protection for the vertical waterproofing. A drainage system should be incorporated at the base of the wall to allow for the free flow of any water build up in the ground.

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