BIM Objects for Flat Roofs and Zinc RoofsAs BIM adoption spreads throughout the construction industry, we’re delighted to announce the availability of BIM Objects for some of our most widely used flat roofing and zinc roofing products. These have been produced in association with the NBS and BIMStore and are available for free download.

The products for which BIM objects are now available are:

BIM Objects for Flat Roofs

IKO Armourplan PVC Single Ply Roofing Membrane

IKO Armourplan P BIM object
IKO Armourplan PSG120 BIM object
IKO Armourplan SG120 BIM object
IKO Armourplan SM120 BIM object
IKO Armourplan Walkway BIM object

FDT Rhenofol cg PVC Single Ply Roofing Membrane

Rhenofol cg PIR membrane BIM object

FDT Rhepanol fk PIR Single Ply Roofing Membrane

Rhepanol fk BIM object

or visit at the BIMStore

BIM Objects for Zinc Roofs

NedZink NATUREL Zinc Roofing

NedZink NATUREL BIM object

NedZink NOIR Zinc Roofing

NedZink NOIR BIM object

NedZink NOVA Zinc Roofing

NedZink NOVA BIM object

NedZink NOVA Structure Zinc Roofing

NedZink NOVA Structure BIM object

The objects are also accessible via the download pages of this website and our sister Zinc website.

What is BIM?

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is a process by which construction professionals can collaborate in a new way on the design, development, construction and management of buildings and structures. More than just the next step after 3D CAD, BIM may eventually change the way the construction industry works altogether.

Watch this video by Graphisoft, one of the software companies promoting BIM, for a layman’s definition of BIM:

What are BIM Objects?

BIM Objects like the ones we have created, are digital representations of the geometry, relations and attributes of products and systems that can be incorporated into a building model using BIM software.

The primary objective of producing BIM objects for these projects is data – furnishing our clients with the parameters, attributes and links to further information about our products that they need to use them effectively in their projects.

At present the majority of our involvement with BIM is with our main contractor partnerships but we expect this to change, as more architects and other construction professionals take up BIM in the coming years.

More information

BIM Task Group (BIMgcs) on TwitterIf you’re interested in learning more about BIM, find out about the Construction Industry Council’s Regional BIM Hubs and join one in your area.

The BIM Task Group has also set up a working group specifically to help SMEs learn about and implement BIM, called BIM4SME. See their website here or join their Linkedin Group to take part in discussions.

You’ll also find many construction professionals on Twitter talking about BIM, just use the hashtags #BIM or #ukBIMcrew.


SIG Design & Technology provide a bespoke design service as part of our total roof solution. We hope the new BIM objects are useful to you, but if you have any additional requirements or want something specific please do get in touch.