Cost Effective Liquid Roofing Training: SIGnature PU-20

Liquid roofing is increasingly popular for refurbishment and overlay of existing roofs, as well as new build applications, due to its cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability when properly installed.

SIG Design and Technology recommend a range of products to specifiers and installers, which cover a range of price points and applications.

This post is about SIGnature PU-20, one of the most cost-effective liquid roofing products we recommend and includes a video which introduces the product and demonstrates its installation.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find links to more information and also advice about how to contact us for training in this and other SIG recommended products.

SIG D&T is a member of LRWA, the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association and the product we are introducing here is BBA Certified for use on new and existing flat and pitched roofs with limited access.

What is SIGnature PU-20 Liquid Roofing?

The SIGnature PU Liquid Waterproofing Systems are cold applied, fast curing, pure elastomeric, hydrophobic, polyurethane flat roofing systems. The flagship product of the range is PU-20, a BBA Certified, easy to use system with a number of unique benefits in ease and speed of use.

SIGnature PU coatings provide a very cost-effective solution for refurbishment and overlay projects. As single application liquids, they are ideal for projects with multiple penetrations or complex jointing. They also provide a quick and effective way to overcoat a roof that has come to the end of its serviceable life. For new-build projects (over approved insulation boards), SIGnature PU-20 can also be used for warm, cold or even inverted buildups, including balconies.

Liquid Roofing Refurbishment

Liquid Roofing is cost effective for large refurbishment projects

The main benefits are:

  • Fast curing times – touch dry in 30 minutes and trafficable in 2-3 hours
  • Single coat application – with a variety of primers to enable application to a wide range of substrates
  • Seamless finish with no jointing – saving time and cost
  • Excellent elasticity and tensile strength – remaining elastic down to -40ºC
  • Easy to mix and apply, and no measuring required – just add the accelerator and go.
  • Product warranty up to 20 years, when installed by DATAC trained and accredited installers.
  • As well as BBA certification, SIGnature PU-20 is suitable for use on NHBC certified projects.
  • The BBA Certificate also confirms a buildup (when tested in accordance with DD CEN/TS 1187:2012) which enables it to achieve a classification of BROOF(t4).
Liquid Roofing with Plant - Stamford Bridge

Liquid Roofing with Plant – Stamford Bridge, Chelsea

The PU-20 liquid coating kit is a two-component polyurethane liquid system kit that is touch dry in 30 minutes and trafficable in 2-3 hours. Installers find it very easy to use because there is no measuring involved – simply thoroughly mix the 600g accelerator into the main product and you’re ready for the single coat application of up to 10m2 by either brush or roller. Reinforcing is only required locally in areas of board joints and external corners on new substrates, or fully reinforced where the system is being used as a recovery overlay to an existing suitably prepared surface.

The System covers all the products required including:

  • Joint sealer for filling gaps, cracks or splits;
  • Same day or next day primers, and range of different substrate specific primers;
  • Self-adhesive butyl reinforcing tape for board joints, corners or changes of direction;
  • Liquid Fibre – A fibre reinforced thixotropic (non-drip) product used for awkward details or upstands;
  • Terrace coat as an additional hardwearing surface for balconies and walkway areas, and
  • Reinforcing fabric for use with some substrates, such as bitumen roofs.

SIGnature PU-20 is a cost-effective, easy to use liquid roofing system which creates a bubble-free, attractive and durable finish. As always, if you want to know if SIGnature PU-20 is the right product for your roof project, why not give us a call or drop us a line here.

Watch the Training Video

Our PU20 training video provides an introduction to the product and then takes you through a demonstration of how easy the system is to apply.

Watch the whole ten-minute video above, or join it at a point of interest:

Want to install PU20? Take our short course

SIG Design and Technology provide a one-day course in PU-20 and PU-10 liquid waterproofing for our DATAC accredited contractors. If you’re already a liquid installer you can take a simple conversion course.

The training sessions take place at the training centres in Glasgow, Caerphilly, Huddersfield and High Wycombe and we will shortly be taking bookings for the Spring of 2021.

If you would like to find out more about the training, please contact us via our contact form.

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