FDT Rhenofol PVC

FDT Rhenofol PVC

Rhenofol PVC roofing membrane system is versatile, flexible in terms of length, width and colour and extremely economical to lay. The Rhenofol system is certified with the environmental product declaration EPD according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804. It makes a valuable contribution to sustainability.

Rhenofol is available in two versions: Rhenofol CG and Rhenofol CV.

Rhenofol CV

If you want a tailor-made solution for a flat roof, without ballast, there is no better choice than Rhenofol CV. Reinforced with a polyester grid – developed for mechanical fixing without ballast – the membrane is extremely durable and UV resistant.

Rhenofol CG

Rhenofol CG is reinforced with a glass fleece to provide a robust and resilient membrane. Suitable for green roofing, it resists weathering, chemical oxidation, has full FLL certification as a root and rhizome barrier and retains its physical properties over a wide range of temperatures.  The membrane is loose-laid and ballasted.

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