Inverted Ballasted Roof

PermaTEC Inverted Ballasted RoofThe IKO Permatec Inverted Ballasted Roof provides a “protected membrane” system which usually incorporates insulation. IKO Permatec is fully bonded to the structural deck and covered by insulation (XPS or Modified EPS), which is covered by a separation layer and a ballast of stone pebbles or concrete pavers. The total system usually weighs between 100 to 145 kg/m2.

IKO Permatec Ecowrap provides a flexible fully bonded monolithic waterproofing system usually on “completely flat” structural decks. Details (upstands, abutments, rainwater outlets, penetrations etc) are all fully bonded into the IKO Permatec system ensuring total security.

Walkways, AHU plinths and other roof mounted furniture can be installed onto the top of the insulation without disturbing the IKO Permatec waterproofing system underneath.

IKO Permatec is provides long term protection numerous structures, from small balconies on residential developments to large inverted roofs on hospitals and shopping centres.

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