#PerfectRoof Step 1: The Right Products

Each project has its own mix of priorities – cost, sustainability, aesthetics, performance, longevity and so on. There are a wide range of waterproofing options, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. It can be hard to make a choice, and you may be tempted to rely on what you know.

#PerfectRoof Step 1: Choose the Right Roofing Products for the Right Job

#Perfectroof Step 1Many manufacturers will have you believe that they produce solutions for every eventuality, but this is unlikely. The roofing industry is changing and what might have been perfectly suitable in the past may have been superseded by a much better, more appropriate and more cost effective alternative.

Don’t rely on a single manufacturer for all your roofing needs; they of course have to recommend only their products for any application. Instead, get independent support from an experienced supplier who will help you make an informed choice about which waterproofing solution meets your needs.

How we can help – we are Product Neutral

SIG Design & Technology are not a product manufacturer; we are part of SIG Plc, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of products to the building and construction industry. 

Design & Technology was created to provide the industry with a deck-up design, supply, installation and guarantee service that is product-neutral. This means we can look at your project with fresh eyes and recommend the right products for the job from a broad portfolio, rather than push you into a product choice that may not be the most appropriate for your project.

Lets take a look at Step 2: Design Expertise.

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