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We offer members product specific DATAC training in accordance with the SPRA and NFRC approved criteria, and manufacturers’ recommendations. We train installers at the Shepshed headquarters in the following products, and we also recognise FTMRC member’s hard metal training.

Training can also be arranged by SIG for

Training is just the start of a DATAC installer’s journey.

  • SIG Design & Technology is able to guarantee the roofing installations of its DATAC members.
  • A dedicated team at Shepshed provides full technical support including wind uplift, thermal and interstitial condensation calculations for all projects using our products.
  • Meanwhile a network of experienced Area Field Technicians provides advice and support on site, working with contractors to ensure that installations conform to the product requirements and regulations.

Find out more about our Training Academy by downloading the brochure here.

If you are interested in becoming a DATAC member go to our Application Process page to find out the steps needed.