Pedestals & Pads for Roof Paving

Wallform Pedestals Web Page imageWallform logo - website pageWallbarn offers the largest range of pedestals in the UK. Their products include simple fixed height support pads and extra high adjustable pedestals with specialised designs and variations to accommodate the different types of roof and podium deck.

The major advantages of using support pedestals are to improve drainage, ease and speed of installation and protection of the surface beneath. They also vastly reduce mess and disturbance during installation.

No mechanical fixings are required. The weight of the slab holds the system in place. As the paving slabs are suspended, the waterproofing membrane is not pierced or compromised in any way.

Installation is much faster, cleaner and easier than by bedding paving slabs into mortar. They also future-proof the roof deck, as they can be lifted at any time if the deck beneath requires inspection or maintenance.

The best practice for roof and terrace design is to ensure the deck is built to a fall to allow proper drainage. To alleviate the fall across the area, for the very best results, applicators should use ASP adjustable height pedestals / support pads. ASP pedestals are ideal when a very high clearance is required across the area, where a large amount of adjustment is needed or very accurate and minor changes in the level are desired.

Our roof Pedestals offer consists of:

  • Fixed Height Pedestals
  • Adjustable Pedestals
  • Self Levelling Adjustable Pedestals


Pedestals and support pads for roofing, paving and decking Brochure

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