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Our Roofing Products

One advantage of working with SIG Design and Technology is that we can help you choose the best products for each application, independently of any brand loyalty.  Selecting your roof system is always a combination of design criteria, performance requirements and cost, and it is important to find a balance all three. SIG Design & Technology also design and supply flat roofing solutions including single ply, liquid waterproofing, green roofing and zinc, copper and aluminium roofing and cladding.

To meet your project requirements SIG Design & Technology supply a range of clay tiles and natural slate.

Clay Tiles

SIGnature Clay Tiles offer a select range of Handmade, Hand Crafted and Machine Made clay tiles that bring together modern technology and the traditional skills of the clay tile maker. These tiles have been created to meet the highest standards of quality and usability, resulting in a range of products that are best in class and meets the required regulatory requirements.

SIGnature Clay Tiles are available in three distinct ranges, complimented by a full range of clay fittings including ridge and valley tiles, bonnet hips and angles for vertical tile hanging.

Natural Slate

One of the largest suppliers of Natural Slate in the world, SIGA Slate have built an enviable reputation for quality and consistency. SIGA Slate carefully manages every single step of the journey, from the quarry to the roof. This monitoring and careful selection ensures that your slate roof is not only aesthetically beautiful and strong, but that you also have consistency and traceability that’s second to none. SIGA Slate stands for quality.

SIGA supplies over twenty different natural slate products in three different ranges: Excellence, Commercial and Classic. Each SIGA natural slate product has a SIGA number which specifically defines the quarry and selection of slate, guaranteeing traceability and consistency that is second to none.

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