FDT Rhepanol PIB

Rhepanol PIB is a homogeneous and fleece-laminated synthetic roofing membrane made from polyisobutylene (PIB). The Rhepanol system is certified with the Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804., showing that it has no significant environmental impact at any time between its manufacturer and eventual disposal.

It is available in two types; Rhepanol hfk and Rhepanol hg.

Rhepanol hfk

Rhepanol hfk is a bitumen compatible membrane suitable for most flat roof applications including new-build, refurbishment and green roofs. The fleece laminated membrane is easy to lay and join and can be fitted in most weather conditions making it an ideal labour-saving system.

Suitable for roofs at a slope of up to 20°, Rhepanol hfk can be mechanically fixed, adhered or ballasted and also offers the option of hot-air welding.

Rhepanol hg

Reinforced by glass fleece layer, Rhepanol hg is a strong roof sealing and root protection solution in one membrane. Rhizome resistant, it is the ideal choice for extensive and intensive green roof, gravel roofs and terraces.

Rhepanol hg is available in sheet widths of 2.05m resulting in fewer seams. The membrane can be hot-air welded and holds FLL certification.

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