#PerfectRoof Step 6: Monitored Installation

In many projects, buildability issues will crop up on site, which have not been identified during the design process. If you’re not confident or don’t have the knowledge to identify and deal with them, problems may be overlooked and the roof completed, increasing the risk of vulnerabilities.

#PerfectRoof Step 6: Monitor the Roofing Installation on Site

Step 6The quality of the product is only ever as good as the guys who install it on your roof. How do you know that your roofing contractor does good quality work? Typically if a roofing system fails, it is the product that is blamed at first, but poor installation is much more likely to be the cause.

If your contractor cannot get hold of technical support, non-standard, unapproved details may void your guarantee. Don’t take the risk – ensure your materials supplier will monitor the installation and provide quality field support on site for your contractors.

How we can help – Site Monitoring and Technical Support Throughout

As part of our Roofing Academy, we have a team of dedicated Field Technicians who provide constant monitoring during site and support visits on all our projects. This ensures that not only is the roof system installed according with the approved design, but that should any difficulties crop up on site, your contractors won’t have to wait for technical support or think up a solution on the hoof.

Comprehensive monitoring of roofing installations and on site support are essential elements of the DATAC service. They ensure the roof is installed as specified, validate the guarantee and protect all parties.

Lets take a look at Step 7: Full Guarantees.

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