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Exclusive to SIG Design & Technology, the SIGnature range is a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and pitched roofs which is robust, tried and tested. Intended for both new work and overlay projects and offering different warranty packages dependent on the underlay option selected. The SIGnature range will ensure that you can tailor the system to your client’s requirements, and come in on budget.

SIGnature is manufactured from bitumen membranes using polyester reinforcements with exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability. The reinforcements are impregnated and then coated with specially formulated SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified bitumen or APP modified bitumen.

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Each membrane has a choice of different underlays which determines the warranty period. A cold applied self-adhesive underlay is also available. An option of either torch applied or self-adhesive aluminium lined vapour control layers accompanied by a full range of insulation and ancillary products ensures a full system warranty:

SIGnature Underlay 25*
A polyester carrier, reinforced, SBS, torch applied intermediate or base layer (dependent on specification).

SIGnature Underlay 20*
A glass tissue carrier, reinforced, SBS, torch applied intermediate or base layer (dependent on specification).

SIGnature Underlay SA
An elastomeric self-adhesive, polyester fabric reinforced underlay. Coated with SBS modified bitumen that has a smooth upper surface that forms an ideal surface for bonding subsequent cap sheets and has a release film backing.

*Please note these underlays can be directly applied to a torch receivable Insulation Board only, without the requirement of a venting base layer.

When using our SIGnature Torch on System we suggest following our application guidelines.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed for 20 or 25 years (depending on underlay used)
  • Cap sheets, underlays and vapour control layers
  • New work or overlays, warm or cold roofs
  • Self-Adhesive VCL option
  • Available in 2 colours of mineral finish, black or green


More Information

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