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Our CPD Seminar, ‘A Structured Approach to Roof Specification and Design’ is approved by the RIBA CPD Providers’ Network.

This latest seminar seeks to build a useful structure to the roof specification and design process to ensure maximum longevity when specifying roofing systems.

Why a new seminar?

In the course of delivering our roof design CPD seminars to architects across the UK, we have found that the same questions come up again and again:

  • How do I choose the right roofing system for my project? and
  • How can I make sure the system I specify will meet my client’s requirements?

We have created a seminar to help you and your staff answer these questions and become more confident about roofing specification and design.

What will we learn about Roof Specification and Design?

The new seminar sets out a step by step process to help you arrive at the best solution in any particular circumstance. We look at how to establish the client’s brief, how to ensure compliance, and how to make the right cost decisions.

Along the way, we also

  1. Introduce a series of specific, generic roof waterproofing systems, including single ply, hot melt, liquid applied systems, green roofing options and zinc, outlining their benefits and looking at typical scenarios;
  2. Look at common problems with detailing, compatibility and interfaces, and how you can avoid them;
  3. Set out a checklist of what you should expect in support from manufacturers, both at a technical stage and on site;
  4. Help you comply with British Standards and Codes of Practice, and
  5. Provide sources of further information and advice.

The seminar is 60 minutes long including questions, and qualifies for double points on your CPD record.

Information Pack

We have produced a pack for CPD Co-ordinators to help organise your seminar with us. It includes:

  1. A3 Colour Poster for you to use, plus PDF copy for extra copies
  2. Synopsis of the seminar
  3. Attendance Sheet
  4. Interactive PDF handout with key slides/tables and links to further resources online
  5. Event feedback form

How to Book

SIG Design & Technology are currently delivering their Roof Design CPD through a programme of free, online seminars. The lunchtime seminars are delivered by our specification managers and attendees will get the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter throughout the Webinar.

The link below contains multiple dates so you can pick a session that suits you.

A Structured Approach to Roof Specification and Design

Alternatively you can call direct on 01509 505714 or email our CPD Co-ordinator Adam Trickett: [email protected]

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