IKO Armourplan PVC

IKO Armourplan PVC Brochure

IKO Armourplan – brochure

Product Literature

IKO Armourplan – SM datasheet
IKO Armourplan – SG datasheet
IKO Armourplan – P datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PSG datasheet
IKO Armourplan – G datasheet
IKO Armourplan – D datasheet
IKO Armourplan – walkway datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC lap cleaner datasheet
IKO Armourplan – Armourprep Heavy Duty PVC Membrane Cleaner datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC cleaner datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC contact adhesive datasheet
IKO Armourplan – Spectrabond low foaming PU adhesive datasheet
IKO Armourplan – Spectratex datasheet
IKO Armourplan – easy flow rainwater outlet system datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC vertical rainwater outlets datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC refurbishment rainwater outlets datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC parapet outlets datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC box scupper outlets datasheet
IKO Armourplan – trendy rainwater outlet system datasheet
IKO Armourplan – standing seam profile datasheet
IKO Armourplan – PVC sealant datasheet
IKO Armourplan – preformed details datasheet
IKO Armourplan – membrane coated metal datasheet
IKO Armourplan – RWO size guide datasheet
IKO Armourplan – through wall size guide datasheet


Standard Details

IKO Armourplan Bonded

ASG-1 drip edge detail with gutter
ASG-2a check kerb detail
ASG-2b check kerb detail with PVC coated metal
ASG-3 abutment to brickwork chased joint
ASG-4 abutment to brickwork with cover flashing
ASG-5 box gutter/change of level
ASG-6a roof drain detail
ASG-6aa roof drain detail technical info
ASG-6b PVC refurb roof drain detail
ASG-6bb PVC refurb roof drain detail technical info
ASG-6c IKO trendy outlet – single part
ASG-6cd IKO trendy outlet – single and double part technical info
ASG-6d IKO trendy outlet – double part
ASG-6e parapet outlet detail
ASG-6ee parapet outlet detail techncial info
ASG-6f PVC box scupper outlet detail
ASG-6ff PVC box scupper outlet detail technical info
ASG-6g IKO easy flow RWO detail
ASG-6gg IKO easy flow RWO detail technical info
ASG-7 drip edge at mansard detail
ASG-8 adhered parapet detail with capping system
ASG-9 rooflight kerb detail
ASG-10 upstand to cladded abutment
ASG-11 pitched roof abutments
ASG-12 expansion joint detail
ASG-13 door threshold detail
ASG-14a adhered parapet detail – insulated
ASG-14b adhered parapet detail – uninsulated
ASG- 14c adhered parapet detail –  uninsulated two-piece upstand
ASG-15 vent pipe penetration detail
ASG-16 hopper head drainage detail 



IKO Armourplan SM120 BIM object
IKO Armourplan SG120 BIM object
IKO Armourplan P BIM object
IKO Armourplan PSG120 BIM object
IKO Armourplan Walkway BIM object


BBA Certificates

IKO Armourplan SM – BBA certificate
IKO Armourplan SG – BBA certificate
IKO Armourplan P – BBA certificate
IKO Armourplan PSG – BBA certificate



Case Studies

Premier Inn Jersey – complete roofing and zinc solution from SIG D&T at Jersey’s first Premier Inn case study
Church of St Andrew – SIG D&T delivers a hat-trick for heritage church case study
The Bristol General – iconic landmark takes shape with help from Armourplan case study
St John’s School – SIG successful in CIF funding bid case study
Armourplan the natural choice at Bournemouth Oceanarium case study
Collaborate completes roof to £185m project in fours monhts – Ocado fulfilment centre case study
Reducing costs and risks on school roofing project case study
Common purpose – Arnold Hill Academy case study
SIG Design & Technology provides material for #ourweebigbuild charity project case study
Flat roof on a new modernist house in West Sussex case study
Discovery Academy case study
Juniper Court case study
1 Church Road case study
Alexandra National House case study
Project Merlin case study
Marks & Spencer case study