solar tube

In conjunction with Solalighting Ltd., SIG Design & Technology supplies Solatube Daylighting Systems. These are available as a kit of parts and makes up into a roof-to-ceiling daylight pipe available in two sizes: 250 mm and 350 mm diameters. The kit comprises dome, roof flashing, top and bottom tube assembly, extension tubes, reflective tubing, angle sections, diffuser and all fixings.

The reflecting light pipes are designed to extend through the roof space into the diffuser in the ceiling below. Tubes in the top roof assembly and the bottom assembly are designed with an angle converter which is a rotating section set at an offset in the tube to allow for any angle of tubing through the roof space. Straight extension tubes are available for greater roof spaces. The straighter the light pipe, the more light is transmitted.

Solatube Daylighting Systems are suitable for use on domestic or commercial buildings with new or existing pitched, tiled or flat roofs. The minimum pitch for a tile or slate roof is 15° and the maximum is 65°. Other custom-designed flashings are available to order, for greater pitches bitumen too.