PermaTEC Hot Melt Waterproofing Completes Hat Trick for SIG Design & Technology and IKO

SIG Design & Technology has signed a third, exclusive distribution agreement with IKO to now supply the PermaTEC hot melt waterproofing system. Previous successful introductions from IKO to the D & T portfolio are Armourplan PVC and Spectraplan TPE single ply membrane systems.

PermaTEC hot melt is a high performance system with excellent environmental credentials and longevity. It’s tough, flexible and self-sealing. The membrane creates a seamless, fully bonded waterproofing for flat roofs, inverted roofs and green roofs, as well as podium decks and other structural settings. It is only available to SIG Design & Technology’s customers once they have been trained and accredited by IKO.

PermaTEC was the first hot melt system to be produced in the UK and all components can be delivered direct to site, reducing transport miles. Its lightweight zero waste wrapper dissolves into the compound during the melting process and so eliminates any packaging waste on site.

The melting point has been reduced by 20% which means it needs less energy to melt; this also saves time and the system remains workable for longer. Two main products are available.

PermaTEC Ecowrap is a hot applied membrane which is manufactured from a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers and other additives. The compound is melted in a special melter machine and is typically applied to a previously primed concrete deck in two coats.

Specifically designed for green roofing applications, PermaTEC Anti-Root is the world’s first monolithic root resistant hot melt waterproofing system. The latest innovation from IKO, PermaTEC Anti-Root eliminates the need for a separate anti-root membrane, making the specification and installation process both simpler and more cost-effective. For added reliability and peace of mind the PermaTEC Anti-Root compound provides a 6mm thick monolithic barrier system with no side or end laps to fail. PermaTEC Anti-Root is extremely tough, resistant to impact damage and supplied in easy to handle 12kg blocks with ‘zero wrapper’ waste as standard.

IKO’s PermaTEC hot melt is already a hit with roofing contractors as it’s simple and safe to install even in winter, the deck needs no fall and the compound is solvent free. Once installed, you can walk on it straightaway and it remains unaffected by rain, snow or frost.

SIG Design & Technology’s trading director Mike Crook said: ‘PermaTEC offers even more choice to both specifiers and roofing contractors. The system has raised the bar for hot melt solutions and we are delighted to partner with the sector’s market leader. IKO has more than 100 years of expertise and product development in the manufacture of bitumen based products.’