SIG Design & Technology signs exclusive deal with IKO PLC for Spectraplan TPE single ply

SIG Design & Technology has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with IKO to supply Spectraplan TPE high-quality reinforced single ply membranes. The roof system will only be available through IKO’s Spectraplan-trained and licensed installers.

Spectraplan TPE is the very latest in advanced polymer technology combining the best properties of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials for optimum results during installation and in-situ performance. The product range comprises four membrane types; Spectraplan SM is suitable for mechanically fixing, Spectraplan SG is fleeced-backed for adhered applications, Spectraplan D is specially engineered for complex detailing and Spectraplan Walkway offers a slip resistance surface.

Spectraplan TPE membranes offer high resistance to UV ageing and standing water has no detrimental effect. On-site, Spectraplan can be welded at high and low temperatures to allow for both fast installation and intricate detailing. The result is a homogenous, reliable weld that is stronger than the roofing sheet itself.

Spectraplan also offers exceptionally high chemical resistance to substances and solvents. Compatible with bitumen and polystyrene (EPS/XPS), TPE is suitable for most refurbishment applications without a separation layer being required.

Movement within a building’s sub-structure can usually be accommodated due to Spectraplan’s long-lasting, high degree of elasticity. The taut appearance of the roof, without any strain on the membrane, is achieved through the elastomer’s memory effect. Spectraplan membranes are free from plasticizers and chlorine, and due to the pure nature of the polymer, can be recycled into primary products at the end of their long life span.

To become an approved Spectraplan TPE contractor or receive further information, tel: 01509 505714 or visit