Roof Warranties – Why it Pays to Invest in a Single Package

Janine Brady, Marketing Manager at SIG Roofing considers why you should consider a single package roofing warranty.

Choosing a new replacement covering for your customer’s roof is one of the most important decisions involved in the roofing process. However, the decisions don’t stop at the coverings. A typical pitched roof will include twenty or more products in its build-up – from battens and fixings, to underlays and ridges – meaning you have a lot of products to consider just for one job!

Naturally, you will spend time considering the wide range of products, finishes and possible configurations to find out what’s best for your project and which solution will offer true quality and longevity. In addition, you will need to decide which supplier to use, the cost of the materials, delivery options, product compatibility and legislation.

Product Warranties Offer Confidence

Product warranties should also be a key to consideration as they offer ultimate confidence in the quality and reliability of the product. However, with all that’s involved with the actual work, invoicing, and quoting alone, time pressures don’t always allow for full consideration to be given to warranties.

Nevertheless, things can and do go wrong from time to time and that’s precisely when you’ll need the cover and reliability that a good warranty will offer you. A robust warranty provides great protection for you and your customer. It’s more than just a piece of paper or a marketing gimmick. A manufacturer’s warranty is a statement confirming that the products have been extensively tried and tested, are fit for purpose, and have been manufactured to a standard to deliver the quality and reliability required.

Although it can be time-consuming to assess the value of every warranty, it definitely pays to do your homework before you buy. In the event that a claim has to be made – providing of course that the products have been installed to the required standard, code of practice and instruction – a good warranty will help you resolve the issue without incurring further product costs and without damage to your reputation.

An additional choice is a single package warranty. A known challenge facing contractors is that multiple products used on a job require multiple warranties. Assessing each warranty individually and keeping track of them, not to mention making multiple claims, is no small task. So, one way to avoid this is to consider using products that form part of a single package warranty that an offer you and your customer peace of mind for up to 15 years.

The Simplicity of Single Package Roofing Warranties

Whilst single package warranties have been around for some time, they have become more sophisticated over the years. The main advantage lies in their simplicity; with just one warranty to cover the key products in the entire roof build-up. You also have added assurance that the products you are using are of premium quality. However, today’s single package warranties can include entire ranges of roof coverings and accessories from leading UK manufacturers – offering even more flexibility and choice.

Should you need to claim under a single package warranty, you will have just one company and contact to deal with, meaning it’s more likely that your claim will be resolved easily and quickly. With time being so precious in our industry, anything that can help reduce the time spent on administrative work is worth considering.

Look for Comprehensive Cover

When choosing a single package warranty, it’s important to check out your supplier and the details of the package; such as the extent of the cover, the claim process and any exclusions. A reputable supplier will give you the added assurance of comprehensive cover and will deliver on their commitments. Also, along-established supplier and one that offers complete product traceability is likely to be a safe bet.

At the end of the day, the best way to protect your work and the property owner’s investment is to make an informed and educated decision. Whilst the risk of having a warranty claim may seem low, the cost of having to correct it could well be high – so it’s worth considering taking advantage of all the additional benefits that a single package warranty can bring.

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This article originally appeared in Roofing Today magazine.