Barking Riverside Barking Riverside

Barking Riverside

Barking Riverside


Name of project:  Barking Riverside
Location:  Barking, London
Membrane:  Rhenofol CG
Contractors:  Albany Brent Ltd, Walthamstow

Green roofing forms a key part of roof design as part of a model for sustainable living in 21st century London. Barking Riverside is a joint venture project between Bellway Homes and the Homes & Community Agency. It is an element of the Mayor of London’s plan to build 10,800 new homes, retail, transport links and new town facilities in the Barking region of East London.

Green roofing was specified for some 50 homes each with a green roof area of 20m2, plus a block of flats with a roof area spanning 2100m2 which comprises 1500m2 green roofing plus gravel margins.

SIG accredited roofing contractors Albany Brent Ltd of Walthamstow were chosen to undertake the green roofing works at Barking Riverside as they have substantial experience in both green and brown roof systems.

SIG Design & Technology designed an inverted roof, waterproofed in Rhenofol CG. Suitable for green roofing projects, the membrane system resists weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation, and retains its physical properties over a wide range of temperatures. The polyester fleece backing can be bonded or loose-laid when ballasted.

Barking Riverside Case Study

Barking Riverside Case Study

As part of SIG’s recommended roof build up, a plug planted sedum roof system provides the green roof finish. Suitable for both new-build and refurbishment, the system comprises diverse species of hardy, succulent plug plants and native wild flowers which are installed at a density of 20 per m2 to provide a maximum of 10% plant coverage at installation.

This cost effective plug-planted installation method lends itself […]

The Warrens Medical Centre The Warrens Medical Centre

The Warrens Medical Centre

The Warrens Medical Centre


Name of project:  The Warrens Medical Centre
Location:  West Wirral
Product:  FDT Rhenofol CG with sedum green roof

A Rhenofol CG sedum green roof helped secure a silver Green Apple sustainability award for a West Wirral healthcare development, which also won the LRSA Design Award 2012. Built on greenbelt , the Warren Medical Centre was designed by BRP architects of Market Harborough. SIG Design & Technology designed and supplied the roof build up.

Sustainability was key to achieving planning consent and the curved plan form of the building over two floors reduced the scale and mass of the 2000+ m2 design and build project. The building was lowered into the ground by two metres to maintain the silhouette of the broadleaf woodland backdrop. Local materials such as such as natural stone, natural green oak cladding and three species of sedum were chosen as they will gradually mellow and harmonise with the backdrop. The building was designed and constructed to achieve an Excellent BREEAM rating.

There are two curved green roofs together covering some 1083m2. A built up green roof was chosen over a modular system as facets had been removed using plywood sheeting. The 150 m2 roof to the rear is waterproofed in Rhenofol CG only and houses photovoltaic panels and mechanical plant. Surface water run-off is facilitated through the green roof and permeable paving systems contribute to a SUDS drainage solution.

Suitable for green roofing projects, Rhenofol CG resists weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation and retains its physical properties over a wide range of temperatures. The polyester fleece backing can be bonded or loose-laid when ballasted.

The final testimony to the success of the building rests with the patients and staff of the West Wirral Group Practice […]

kia oval
The Kia Oval The Kia Oval

The Kia Oval

The Kia Oval

Project Name: The KIA Oval
Location: Kennington, London
Products: FDT’s Rhenofol CGV
Roofing Contractor: Ashgate Roofing Systems

Rhenofol CGV PVC single ply membrane from FDT was selected to waterproof the viewing terraces to one of Britain’s most hallowed sporting venues, The KIA Oval, London.

Surrey County Cricket Club wished to upgrade its facilities and the old Vauxhall Road stand was demolished in 2005. It was replaced with a prestigious multi-tiered new build facility to include seating, hospitality areas, conferencing facilities and media suites.

As an extensive terraced roofing project measuring over 2000 m2, the challenge was to select the best waterproofing membrane system which would withstand anticipated heavy footfall for many years to come. SIG Design & Technology’s design team worked with Ashgate and selected FDT’s Rhenofol CGV for its proven durability and ease of installation.

First, Rhenofol CGV was loose laid over the concrete slab. The remainder of the inverted roof build up comprised DOW Roofmate insulation, a filter fleece and paving supports, with concrete pavers providing the external finish for spectator footfall. Complex detailing to pillars, balustrading and concealed areas all tested the skills of the installers, Ashgate Roofing Systems.

Rhenofol CGV is made from a synthetic polymer that is formulated to resist weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation and to retain its physical properties over a wide range of temperatures. It has a polyester fleece backing designed for adhesive bonding but can be laid loose when ballasted, as in this application.

The terraced roofing system has endured heavy pedestrian traffic for the last seven years and the waterproofing still remains in perfect condition with no water ingress reported by the Kennington maintenance crew.

The New Vauxhall End facility was completed in time for England to famously win The Ashes in 2005, with ‘Brit […]

fielding meadow
Fielding Meadow Fielding Meadow

Fielding Meadow

Fielding Meadow


Project Name:  Fielding Meadow homes & rural employment centres
Location:  Ratby, Leicestershire
Product:  Rhenofol
Roofing Contractor:  Modern Roofs of Leicester

Cawrey Homes have been dedicated to building in the village of Ratby Leicestershire for over 40 years. The most recent development, Fielding Meadow, comprises three rural employment centres and 36 homes. The scheme brings together traditional building skills and high environmental performance targets, meeting Code 4 for Sustainable Homes. Thirty homes are ‘spec-build’ for market sale and a further six are built as affordable homes and offered for occupation through a housing association. Other elements of the environmental mix include maximising solar gain; air source heat pumps, biomass heating and an SIG-supplied photovoltaic system.

To date, Modern Roofs of Leicester has installed green roofs to two of the three rural employment centre roofs (each 400 m2) and 11 of the 36 homes (each 120m2)

Rural employment buildings comprising a total of 1092 m2

Within the employment centres at Fielding Meadow are nine office units measuring between 77 m2 and 167 m2, making them ideal for SME businesses to expand into as they grow. Roof build up is of warm roof construction and comprises FDT’s PVC single ply roofing membrane, Rhenofol CGV to field areas of roof with Rhenofol CG to details & upstands with 120mm PUR insulation board by Recticel. There are laminated metal trims and gutter detailing. A sedum blanket with stainless steel gravel guards and pebble margins offers a further touch of sustainability.

New Build Homes

Demonstrating sustainable criteria, Rhenofol CGV was specified to roof field areas of the new homes at Fielding Meadow, while Rhenofol CG was specified for details & upstands of a highly insulated, ventilated cold roof system. There are also laminated metal trims and gutter detailing. Kay-Metzeler’s Kay-cel super plus […]

richard herron centre bowling
Richard Herrod Centre Richard Herrod Centre

Richard Herrod Centre

Richard Herrod Centre

Name of project:  Richard Herrod Leisure Centre
Location:  Carlton, Nottingham
Client:  Gedling Borough Council
Roofing Contractors: Ashgate Roofing 
Roof Design & Supply: 
 SIG Design & Technology
Type:  Refurb 
  Rhenofol CV
Maintenance walkways:  Evorail Handrail System
Scope/size of roof:  2500m2

After 20 years, the original Rhenofol CV membrane fitted to the Richard Herrod Centre had started to reach the end of its life. This busy leisure centre houses 6 indoor bowling greens as well as conference and community facilities, and Gedling Borough Council’s Building Department chose FDT Rhenofol CV 1.5mm light grey membrane as an economical overlay that will protect its roof for at least another 20 years’ life.

The new membrane is being installed using the unique Rhenofol “Strip and Paste” method over a 40mm Celotex foil board, to upgrade the roof insulation to current Building Regulation standards. Work on the 2500 m2 project started in September 2009 and was completed, tested and handed over within six weeks.

A full perimeter handrail system from Evorail is being installed by Harcon Services at the Richard Herrod Centre, working closely with Ashgate Roofing Systems. This will enable a far safer method of working for future access to the roof-mounted plant and, in turn, brings the building up to the safety standards now expected of Public Buildings.

Another fine example of partnering between SIG Design Technology and Ashgate Roofing Systems Ltd.

Richard Herrod Centre Case Study

churchill hospital
Churchill Hospital Churchill Hospital

Churchill Hospital

Churchill Hospital

Project Name:  Churchill Hospital
Location:  Oxford
Client:  IMPREGILO, Alfred McAlpine/Carillion and M&E contractors Haden Young,
Product:  Rhenofol CGv
Size:  14,000 m
Architect:  Steffian Bradley Architects
Installer:  Ashgate Roofing Systems

FDT has played a key role in a £109m PFI-funded hospital development in Oxfordshire that will revolutionise cancer care.

The Cancer Centre, being developed on the Churchill Hospital site, part of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, was designed with the help of cancer patients, and brings together cancer services previously provided by the Trust’s John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospital sites in Headington, near Oxford

The 14,000m roof feature a number of paved roofs with access for staff or patients, and a 600m2 roof garden donated to the hospital. Ashgate Roofing Systems Ltd installed Rhenofol CGv to all areas other than the roof garden and paved roof sections.

The membrane, selected for its ease of application and longevity, was bonded to 90mm insulation on a 2mm torch-on vapour barrier with a concrete substrate. The terrace roofs are protected by rubber mats and generally inverted. The roof garden was installed by external specialists and fitted over a completed Rhenofol CG roof protected by insulation and 35mm rubber safety matting.

Churchill Hospital Case Study

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