Richard Herrod Centre

Name of project:  Richard Herrod Leisure Centre
Location:  Carlton, Nottingham
Client:  Gedling Borough Council
Roofing Contractors: Ashgate Roofing 
Roof Design & Supply: 
 SIG Design & Technology
Type:  Refurb 
  Rhenofol CV
Maintenance walkways:  Evorail Handrail System
Scope/size of roof:  2500m2

After 20 years, the original Rhenofol CV membrane fitted to the Richard Herrod Centre had started to reach the end of its life. This busy leisure centre houses 6 indoor bowling greens as well as conference and community facilities, and Gedling Borough Council’s Building Department chose FDT Rhenofol CV 1.5mm light grey membrane as an economical overlay that will protect its roof for at least another 20 years’ life.

The new membrane is being installed using the unique Rhenofol “Strip and Paste” method over a 40mm Celotex foil board, to upgrade the roof insulation to current Building Regulation standards. Work on the 2500 m2 project started in September 2009 and was completed, tested and handed over within six weeks.

A full perimeter handrail system from Evorail is being installed by Harcon Services at the Richard Herrod Centre, working closely with Ashgate Roofing Systems. This will enable a far safer method of working for future access to the roof-mounted plant and, in turn, brings the building up to the safety standards now expected of Public Buildings.

Another fine example of partnering between SIG Design Technology and Ashgate Roofing Systems Ltd.

Richard Herrod Centre Case Study