Green Light for SIG Design & Technology and Blackdown Green Roof Partnership

SIG Design & Technology and Blackdown green roofs have entered into an agreement that will see the companies working together to design and supply green roof systems that can be guaranteed for a period to match that of the waterproofing system.

Through this agreement a built-up green roof by Blackdown will form part of the SIG Design & Technology mission to design and supply sustainable roofing solutions, creating a network of authorised green roof contractors trained by Blackdown.

Recognising that the roof can do much more than keep the rain out and the heat in, SIG Design & Technology aims to enable the roof to work harder. Green roofs capture carbon, provide a green space and living zone, insulate the building, capture rainwater and provide a natural and biodiverse wildlife habitat: supporting the SIG D&T mission.

Blackdown was selected as Design & Technology’s partner because of its horticultural expertise, high quality specialist products and green roof experience. Through this partnership solutions will be tailored to suit the project’s sustainability requirements, enhanced BREEAM ratings and/or specific green roof objectives.

Blackdown was established in 1999 with nurseries based in the Blackdown Hills, Somerset: a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Specialist green roof plants are grown using a combination of open field and controlled environment areas, and benefitting from AONB growing conditions.

The use of specialist growing methods and controlled environments prolongs growing seasons and facilitates a greater diversity of plant species. Blackdown typically grows in excess of 750,000 plug plants in polytunnels, providing a wider range of plant species to suit local environments or micro-climate. The nursery also has the capability to contract grow any alternative, specific species that may be required.

SIG Design & Technology’s trading director, Mike Crook said: ‘Our partnership with Blackdown provides us with a supply chain that has not only capacity but the ability to grow a diverse number of plants.

“Some London boroughs even have indigenous plants listed by postcodes. We needed a partner who could keep pace with specific client requirements and our corporate growth as the market for green roofs continues to develop.”

If you would like more information on becoming a trained and licensed Greenroof by Blackdown contractor, please contact SIG Design & Technology Sales Support on 0844 576 6760 or visit