SIGnature Ultra Protect FAQs: Next Generation PU Roofing

Liquid waterproofing systems are best suited for flat roofs which incorporate complex abutments, numerous penetrations, plant on the roof or varying degrees of pitch. With strength, elasticity and tried and tested technology, polyurethane (PU) systems are the ideal, modern solution.

In this article we introduce SIGnature Ultra Protect, our BBA approved, complete PU roof waterproofing system, and answer some of your common questions.

What is SIGnature Ultra Protect?

SIGnature Ultra Protect is a next generation PU system focused on simplicity, adaptability, and effectiveness. This two-coat system is quick and easy to install and adaptable to a wide range of roofing substrates, making it suitable for many different applications and quick and easy to use. The elastomeric properties of SIGnature Ultra Protect make it able to withstand the many stresses that roofs experience and enable us to make it available with guarantees up to 25 years.

What distinguishes SIGnature Ultra Protect from other PU systems?

Two-coat PU systems conventionally use a polyester reinforced layer between the top and base coat, and the 75mm overlaps create visible lines in the finished waterproofing. SIGnature Ultra Protect is different.

SIGnature Ultra Protect uses a fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat as a reinforcement layer, applied onto the wet base coat. The components of the PU liquid in SIGnature Ultra Protect cause the mat to break down into individual fibres once it is applied, reducing the risk of creasing, and ensuring each run of matting is easily incorporated.

Whilst a minimum 50mm overlap is still required, the finished result is that no lines are visible once the curing is complete, providing a smooth, attractive and flexible finish.

What types of projects is SIGnature Ultra Protect ideal for?

  • Small and large projects: SIGnature Ultra Protect is suitable for domestic and commercial projects, small and large, from individual home roof extensions to large complex roofs.
  • Buildings in use: Due to its low odour and low VOC content compared to other systems, SIGnature Ultra Protect is also suitable for, and is frequently used, on occupied buildings.
  • As an overlay: SIGnature Ultra Protect can also be used on a wide range of substrates without the need to strip the existing waterproofing, thereby reducing waste to landfill.

If your project includes a reasonable number of complex junctions or penetrations, the simplicity and adaptability of SIGnature Ultra Protect will make it a cost-effective solution, whether for new build or refurbishment.

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What makes SIGnature Ultra Protect convenient to use?

The convenience of SIGnature Ultra Protect is second to none.

  • No need to mix: For a start, SIGnature Ultra Protect can be applied straight out of the can with no mixing required.
  • Easy to use reinforcement: The use of Chopped Strand Mat as a reinforcement rather than polyester enables the contractor to tear off pieces when required, removing the need for complex pre-cutting of the reinforcement and saving considerably on installation time.
  • Quick cure: SIGnature Ultra Protect is also quick to cure – base coat and top coat will each cure in 6-12 hours at 20°C.
  • Application: The product has a moisture tolerance at 20°C of 1-2 hours, can be applied between 3°C and 30°C and has a temperature resistance range of -30°C-80°C.
  • Two colour: Another convenient feature is the different colours of the base and top coat. The light grey base coat is easily distinguishable from the dark grey top coat during application. For added convenience, the light grey base coat can also be used as an alternative top coat, providing two options for finished roof colour.
  • Easy to get hold of: And what about availability? Most of our over 100 local SIG Roofing branches stock SIGnature Ultra Protect as a matter of course, and it is also available next day if ordered prior to 11am, so you need never be without it.

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What substrates can I use SIGnature Ultra Protect on?

SIGnature Ultra Protect can be applied to an extremely wide range of substrates, making it particularly suited to refurbishment projects.

The product can be directly applied to:

  • Bitumen Felt
  • Mastic Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • PVC Single Ply
  • Metals

Some of these substrates require the use of the appropriate SIGnature Ultra Protect Primer – speak to us for more information.

With the addition of SIGnature Ultra Protect approved AVCL/Carrier Membrane, it can also be used on other substrates such as:

  • OSB3
  • Suitable Ply
  • Other timber substrates
  • Tissue Faced Insulation Boards

When SIGnature Ultra Protect is used with an approved AVCL/carrier membrane, a primer is not required prior to applying SIGnature Ultra Protect.

What guarantees are available?

SIGnature Ultra Protect is BBA approved for 20- and 25-year projects under BBA Agrément Certificate 22/5994. An installed system guarantee is therefore available for 20 or 25 years upon registration.

Do I need to be trained to install SIGnature Ultra Protect?

Yes, but it’s simple.

To deliver a product warranty, we require contractors to undergo a training course to ensure their competency at installation. Typically, this would be a one-day Liquid Waterproofing course with a simple pass or fail, taken at our Shepshed Training Academy in Leicestershire.

Following this, for a 12-month period all jobs are inspected by a local SIG Design and Technology Field Technician for sign off. If during this period installers consistently demonstrate capability, they are upgraded to an accredited status and can sign off their own work.

What about Fire Classification?

A good fire rating is a critical prerequisite for any waterproofing system and has never been more important to industry professionals. Independent and rigorous testing shows that SIGnature Ultra Protect achieves BROOF(t4), tested for both sloped and flat formats in accordance with EN 13501-5: 2016. Please contact us for more information.

More information

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