Blue Roofs

Blue Roof web page imageBlue roofs are increasingly becoming the preferred solution for SuDs compliance in UK towns and cities.

What is a blue roof and what are its main advantages?

In the past, blue roofs were conceived as storage tanks for rainwater harvesting. Today, they form part of SuDs best practice and are designed to facilitate controlled attenuation following heavy rainfall or storms. Blue Roofs are suitable for a wide range of building types from domestic to commercial. They place stormwater attenuation within the building footprint, making them ideal for urban environments where ground space is limited.

Blue Roofs can be situated above the waterproofing membrane in a warm roof system or above the water flow-reducing layer in an inverted application. There is a case to be made that green roofs are a form of blue roof, because they hold water and control run-off. Specifiers may like to consider the hybrid blue/green roof, which combines the aesthetic and ecological benefits of a green roof, with the high-performance water-attenuating properties of a blue roof.

How to Specify a Blue Roof

The nature and complexity of blue roofs is such that specifiers should seek a one-stop-shop approach to their design, manufacture and installation where possible. This eliminates product incompatibility and split liabilities over two of the most important components: the waterproofing layer and the blue roof system itself. It also safeguards onsite programming by ensuring that the blue roof is installed directly after the waterproofing. This avoids potential damage to the waterproof layer by follow-on trades or use of the roof as a storage place for building materials.

SIG Design & Technology,  in partnership with ABG, provides a comprehensive design and delivery service, including post-installation integrity tests for both the waterproofing and blue roof, as well as a guarantee for the complete system.  The latter can range from 10-25 years, depending on the roof specification and maintenance schedule agreed.

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