Copper here in spirit at Guildford Crematorium Copper here in spirit at Guildford Crematorium

Copper here in spirit at Guildford Crematorium

Copper here in spirit at Guildford Crematorium


Project:  Guildford Crematorium
Client: Guildford City Council
Roofing contractor: Breyer Group
Membrane: FDT’s Rhepanol fk finished with copper roof

Despite a 50% fall in incidents of copper theft – a result of Operation Tornado, which demands authentic photo ID from those selling to scrap metal dealers – the crime still costs the UK economy over £1bn a year. This was made painfully aware to Guildford City Council when its crematorium facility and Chapel of Remembrance on the outskirts of the town was targeted by thieves in 2011, and completely stripped of its long strip standing seam roof.

When it came to replacing the stolen copper, the council thought long and hard about its options for a facility that was never going to have a 24-hour security presence. Replacing the roof while respecting visitors’ sensitivities led Guildford council to look for a membrane equivalent.

The problem was strangely more complex than just changing the material for a cheaper one, such as zinc. ‘We were conscious of the fact that this was a place visited regularly by bereaved family and friends,’ recalls Guildford City Council project manager Tommy Parkes. ‘It was important to respect the fact that they might be sensitive to any radical changes. While it wasn’t part of the business case, we were keen to maintain the aesthetic, but had to minimise the chance of future theft.’

Guildford Crematorium Website Case Study Inset Image v2To meet both demands, the council opted for Rhepanol fk roofing membrane finished with its copper roof paint, which patinated in a matter of weeks to its characteristic green oxidised form. For the council it was a no-brainer. The £400,000 allocated to the works also involved […]

Armouplan P
Juniper Court Juniper Court

Juniper Court

Juniper Court


Name of project:  Juniper Court Extra Care Centre
Location:  Gosport, Hampshire
Client:  Hermitage Housing Trust
Main contractor:  ICS Ltd
Product:  1650m2Armourplan P mid grey Membrane and standing seam profile

Armourplan P mid grey has provided an innovative roofing solution on a 1,650m2 new build project Juniper Court Extra Care Centre, for Hermitage Housing Trust Development.  The centre has a high quality, superior standard of amenities and is a fully serviced care home for the elderly with private facilities as well as communal, social facilities.

For the main flat roof area, Armourplan P mid grey was installed with a matching Armourplan Standing Seam, by roofing contractors ICS Ltd.  The brief called for a contemporary but functional aesthetic rooftop. ICS were engaged to provide a flexible roof system capable of working on a variety of pitches, able to accept an intense solar scheme for water and PV while providing a 10 year guarantee.

The roof works at Juniper Court were installed over the winter period and then the solar scheme subsequently fitted as funding became available. This solar scheme was effectively a retro-fit through a completed roof. Therefore very close attention to detailing was required as a different approach needed to be taken to ensure integrity and waterproofing to safeguard completed internal finishes. Over 270 penetrations had to be co-ordinated with plumbers, electricians and vent fitters ensuring a perfect fit each and every time

Armourplan is a polyester-reinforced PVC membrane which is suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications, including specialist installations such as simulated metal roofs. Armourplan PVC membranes are designed to be welded together to form homogenous, reliable joints.  Premium membrane, Armourplan P, is produced by utilising the same high quality UV resistant PVC compound on both […]

cedar cottage
Cedar Cottage Cedar Cottage

Cedar Cottage

Cedar Cottage


Project Name: Cedar Cottage
Location: La Rue de la Perruque, St Martin
Roofing Contractor: KA Bailey Roofing Contractors of Jersey
Product: FDT’s Rhepanol fk

Cedar Cottage is an extensive new-build private house in a rural area overlooking the sea in St Martin, Jersey. The finished roofing is over-looked by other properties so the roofing membrane had to be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the location.

The architect, Design Plus, specified a standing seam finish in Rhepanol fk for its aesthetic appearance. FDT’s Rhepanol fk single ply roofing membrane is exclusive to SIG Design & Technology. Thermataper TT47 tapered insulation from Kingspan and Felt VCL from Polyglass were also supplied by SIG Design & Technology.

K A Bailey Roofing Contractors of Jersey selected Rhepanol in PIB for its environmental credentials; it is the only membrane to offer the full Life Cycle Assessment and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

The installation demanded high levels of operative skill. The Cut to Falls insulation was bonded to the VCL in separate layers. Due to its thickness, the product needed to achieve U Values of 0.14.

Rhepanol was then cut to size to match up with the gutters and laps. To create an attractive finish to the roof, the standing-seam extruded profiles were positioned in straight lines to emulate a lead standing-seam roof build up.

Rhepanol is attached to the next sheet of membrane by a unique self-sealing edge. The seam chemical welds to display immense textile strength.

Cedar Cottage Case Study

worcester park
Worcester Park Worcester Park

Worcester Park

Worcester Park


Project Name:  Worcester Park, Salisbury Road, Surrey
Roofing Contractor:  Flat Roofing Membranes of East Sussex

Rhepanol fk from SIG Design & Technology was chosen to waterproof five areas of roofing with a total area of 949 m2 on a residential scheme at Worcester Park, Surrey.

Built by a national house-builder, the residential complex at 68-72 Salisbury Road comprises three new-build blocks of terraced-style homes. Two identical blocks comprise six units, each with a rear and front balcony (these blocks are designed with shallower barrel roof than shown in the image) and one block of five units, each with a rear balcony (as shown).

This series of five types of roof areas demanded a wide range of knowledge and skills from the installers, Flat Roofing Membranes of East Sussex. The roof design comprises flat roofed areas, curved and barrel-vaulted sections, dormers, timber decking to balconies, many areas of intricate detailing and pitches up over 45°. Speed of installation was critical despite adverse weather conditions.

The roof build-up is waterproofed by Rhepanol fk in light grey, a unique single ply membrane system that can emulate a metal roofing effect. In this application, Rhepanol fk mimics a lead standing seam roofing system.

There are five areas of roofing with a total area of 949 m2. They comprise:

  • 245m2 barrel type roofing; 100mm thermal insulation, FDT vapour barrier fk and waterproofed by 2.5mm Rhepanol fk in light grey
  • The 430m2 main roof build-up comprises polythene VCL, 120mm insulation which is mechanically fixed; and Rhepanol fk waterproofing
  • Dormers and cheeks are an equal build-up; but without VCL or insulation
  • There are 16 terraces measuring 160 m2 with plywood substrate and 100mm thermal tissue-faced PIR insulation
  • 102m2 of balconies – all 17 measuring 6m2 each with timber decking over polythene […]
lakeside manor care home
Lakeside Manor Care Home Lakeside Manor Care Home

Lakeside Manor Care Home

Lakeside Manor Care Home


Name of project:  Juniper Court Extra Care Centre
Location:  Jersey
Architect:  Robert Adams Architects
Main contractor:  AC Mauger
Roofing contactor: KA Bailey Roofing Contractors of Jersey
Product:  FDT’s Rhepanol fk in light grey

Lakeside Manor Care Home & Independent Living Apartments at St Peter on the Channel Island of Jersey is a luxury new build project by AC Mauger, one of the largest main contractors on the islands.

Robert Adams Architects from the UK selected Rhepanol fk single ply from SIG Design Technology for its aesthetic quality plus speed and ease of installation for multi-use roof applications. Jersey based Ken Bailey was appointed as roofing contractor.

At Lakeside Manor Care Home there are two main roof areas to the project each measuring some 200 m2 . Rhepanol fk in light grey was bonded to the timber deck and fitted to the gutters on either side; a lead capping encloses the total area which is waterproofed Rhepanol fk.

Rhepanol fk is the only PIB single ply roofing membrane to have a full Life Cycle Assessment in accordance with ISO 14040 part ff proving its environmental credentials as the world’s most sustainable single ply. Several balconies measuring approximately 400 m2 in total also received Rhepanol fk waterproofing.

All of the gutters on the balconies were also waterproofed in Rhepanol fk and these were then coated with Rhepanol Copper Paint to prevent the build-up of algae and moss that can accumulate when falls in the gutter are limited.

Ken Bailey said: ‘Rhepanol is a universal membrane that is well suited to the task. Our main practical challenge was to synchronise our work with following trades, carpenters and lead

Lakeside Manor Care Home Case Study

stirling cricket club
Stirling County Cricket Club Stirling County Cricket Club

Stirling County Cricket Club

Stirling County Cricket Club


Name of project:  Stirling County Cricket Club
Location:  Sprinkerse, Stirling, Scotland
Client:  Stirling County Cricket Club
Product:  FDT Rhepanol fk membrane MCM panel systems and feature details
Architect:  J M Architects, Edinburgh
Main Contractor:  Ogilvie Construction
Installer:  A. & L. King (Builders) Ltd

When Stirling County Cricket Club switched home to a stunning new setting overlooked by Scotland’s national Wallace Monument, aesthetics and budget were key priorities for the new club pavilion. The successful delivery of those priorities has since been recognised with a Civic Trust Award for Best New Building 2003-2007.

The club’s new base lies in the heart of a beautiful conservation area and it was crucial that the materials used for the roof reflected the traditional character of the area.  The solution was products which delivered the appearance and performance of a traditional lead roof with zinc metal detailing.

Rhepanol fk, the world’s most advanced roofing membrane from FDT, was selected for the 400 sq m low-pitch roof of the clubhouse.  Rhepanol was Europe’s first single-ply membrane waterproofing system and today, more than 70 years later, remains a market leader in terms of flexible waterproofing, quality, value, longevity and performance, with unmatched environmental credentials.

Key sections of the roof were picked out in MCM Rhepanol metal to highlight the building’s architectural features.  MCN panel systems were used extensively to provide a high quality finish for the soffit, fascia and feature details.

FDT developed its PIB-based MCM system to provide a standing seam effect on a full metal build-up, while providing the outstanding waterproofing capabilities and longevity of FDT’s flagship single-ply roofing membrane.

So, if anyone is lucky enough to hit a six, the membrane system will prove itself up to the task for decades to come.

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Northampton Racecourse Northampton Racecourse

Northampton Racecourse

Northampton Racecourse


Project Name:  Northampton Racecourse Pavilion
Location:  Northampton
Client:  Sport England – Football Foundation
Product:  MCM featuring Rhepanol fk
Size:  1,000 m2
Architect:  Northampton Borough Council
Installer:  GL Contracts Ltd

Aesthetics were leading the field of priorities when say SIG Design &Technology was asked to provide a new pavilion at Northampton Racecourse.

The sports pavilion sits in the very heart of a conservation area and so it was vital the roof had the appearance of an authentic lead roof – without impacting on either budget or on installation time.

The solution was a membrane-coated metal (MCM) roof featuring Rhepanol fk. The MCM was mechanically fixed to incorporate an insulated trapezoidal metal deck. The joints were sealed and waterproofed using Rhepanol technology. As a result, the project was fast-tracked to come in on budget and on time without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Northampton Racecourse Case Study

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