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Green Roofs

Green roofs provide a wide range of benefits to the built environment and they are generally defined as being either ‘extensive’, ‘biodiverse’ or ‘intensive’, terms that indicate their functional use. However, their use also affects the components used in the construction of both the roof itself and the structure of the building.

Eco Green Roof System

SIG Design & Technology have partnered with Eco Green Roofs to provide guaranteed green roof and blue roof systems. Partnering with Eco Green Roofs allows SIG to offer a full built up system which combines expertise on both the green roofing and waterproofing under one package.

Green Roof Types

  • Sedum Blankets
  • Sedum Seeded
  • Sedum Planted
  • Wildflower Blankets
  • Wildflower Seeded
  • Wildflower Planted
  • Bio-diverse / Brown Roofs


Three ways to achieve your green roof

Sedum Roof Image v3Sedum Roofs

Eco Green Roof sedum systems have been designed with between 8-12 sedum species per meter square. The sedum blankets are grown for over 12 months to ensure the plant roofs are well established and robust enough for roof level. We provide the sedum systems in blanket, plug plant, cuttings and seeded options. Eco Green Roofs source from several sedum farms across the UK.


Wildflower Roof Image v4Wildflower Roofs

Wildflower systems provide more diverse plant communities than sedum roofs. They are particularly favoured when ecological, aesthetic and environmental function needs to be considered. Wildflower blankets are pre-established for a minimum of 12 months and include up to 50 UK native wildflower, herb and grass species. Eco Green Roof wildflower mats and plug planted systems are easily installed for immediate visual impact.

Brown Roof Image v5Bio-diverse / Brown Roofs

Bio-diverse or brown roof systems are specifically designed for biodiversity by offering a broad range of annual and perennial wildflower and grass species and providing a mosaic of habitat opportunities for important invertebrate and bird species. These roofs are created for species important to the site or regional bio-diversity plan’ and incorporate several different substrate types placed at different depths to produce undulating (or a contoured effect). Log, stone and sand piles are added for further interest and give areas of shading on a micro level.


Green and Blue Roof Brochure
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