Green Roofs

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Green roofs provide a wide range of benefits to the built environment and they are generally defined as being either ‘extensive’, ‘biodiverse’ or ‘intensive’, terms that indicate their functional use. However, their use also affects the components used in the construction of both the roof itself and the structure of the building.

SIG Design & Technology support the GRO Code of Best Practice for green roofs in the UK. The Code provides design and installation guidelines that will help the client, specifier and contractor achieve high quality green roofs.

ABG Built-Up Green Roof Systems

Horticulturally engineered green roofs
SIG Design & Technology, in conjunction with ABG Ltd., can provide guaranteed built-up systems that replicate the natural growing environment for plants, creating lush, vibrant, bio-diverse environments that can transform both new and refurbishment projects.


ABG Green Roof Brochure
Why choose a green roof? Information sheet
Green roof systems overview
GRO Green roof code

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