Zinc & Copper

Zinc and Copper

SIG Design & Technology has teamed up with Netherlands manufacturer, NedZink to offer a full metal Zinc & Copper roofing solution that’s supported by metal processing expert Steadman & Sons (an SIG company) and fabricator Metal Solutions to provide ‘fabricated in the UK’ systems to specific requirements.

SIG Zinc & Copper will provide specifiers and contractors with a complete, impartial design and supply service to enable optimal performance of the roof and façades. A bespoke service by Steadmans and Metal Solutions will tailor systems to specific project requirements. The SIG plc national supply chain will supply materials for both new build and refurbishment projects. When installed by an SIG Approved Contractor, NedZink zinc products and systems include a fully integrated warranty of 20 years.

The comprehensive NedZink range is suitable for both small and large projects. Available in a choice of finishes and patinas, it comprises aesthetic, durable and high roofing and façade panels, coils and strips, guttering systems and specialist architectural fabrications.

Zinc & Copper Roof
Zinc & Copper Roof

All SIG zinc & copper roofing installations are undertaken by the company’s network of trained, approved contractors who are members of the Design & Technology Accredited Contractor Scheme (DATAC). DATAC contractors have undergone extensive and continuous training to ensure that they deliver the highest possible standards of installation. Projects are continually inspected by the technical team to ensure delivery of all standards and requirements.

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NedZink NATUREL BIM Object
NedZink NOIR BIM Object
NedZink NOVA BIM Object
NedZink NOVA Structure BIM Object