Your Zinc Roofing and Cladding questions from Ecobuild

What did our visitors at Ecobuild 2013 ask about when we launched our new Zinc and Copper Partnership?

Visitors to the stand

The Nedzink stand N453 was extremely well attended, and the Wednesday was particularly busy. We estimate visitors split three ways:

30-40% Architects
30% Main Contractors
30% Other – clients, homeowners, self-builders and local authority estates managers.

Here are some of the issues they raised.

Choosing the right Zinc for Fascias

Zinc-Cladding-Options-Shed-217x300One of our visitors was an architect who loved the look of zinc but had made the mistake of specifying a generic zinc product with a natural finish for a fascia on a domestic project. Unfortunately because the fascia was vertical it didn’t weather with an even patina and both the architect and his client were disappointed.

This example illustrates why getting a manufacturer involved in the specification process can be a good idea. If you want even weathering, it is better not to use natural zinc. Pre patinated zinc products like matt new Nedzink NOVA and the black NedZink NOIR allow you to have an even, natural patina from installation. Even if you are unable to choose a particular branded product, a well written performance specification will give your client confidence that the finish will be as expected. And with a full design, delivery and installation service, you can be guaranteed the right solution.

Zinc Roofing on a Warm Roof

NedZink NOVA Pro-tec Prepatinated Titanium zinc with protective coating on the backSeveral of our visitors were interested in applying Zinc roofing over SIP panels but were concerned about the complexity and extra depth required in ventilating behind the zinc.

We were able to show them the NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec two layer protective coating, which enables it to be used on both cold and warm roof constructions as it protects the zinc against the effects of water vapour.

Here’s a datasheet about NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec showing how it can be applied directly to SIP panels. This approach can also be applied to other solid and boarded out substructures; ask us for advice about your construction.

Zinc for Low Maintenance Roofing and Cladding

Zinc-Cladding-Roofing-Discussion-300x225Some of our visitors work with estates in Local Authorities. These customers are facing a particular challenge with built assets at the moment. Whilst they have to sell some of their built estate, the assets they are retaining, and the new ones they are building, must not have large maintenance programmes attached, given the uncertain future of local authority budgets.

If there’s capital available for a new roof or a replacement, better to choose a roofing material that is long lived and requires low or zero maintenance in its lifetime. Of all the hard metals, zinc is one of the most attractive in use, and the least attractive to the scrap trade – but more about that in another post. SIG Design & Technology is also the only company to offer a UK warrantee for Zinc roofing.

The new SIG Zinc and Copper Website

SIG-Zinc-Copper-Products-and-materials-for-small-and-large-projects-300x214Ecobuild also saw the launch of SIG Zinc and Copper’s new website, which gives a full introduction to the partnership we discussed in our last post. Visitors to the site can access detailed information about Nedzink products, UK fabrication of Zinc products, and the design, supply and guarantee service. Downloads are also available, and a gallery of completed projects.

If you have any suggestions for the website, or any questions about using Zinc in your project, do let us know.