We’re Expanding our Roofing Academy

After another year of growth we are expanding our Roofing Academy to support more contractors and specifiers. A new Roofing Academy Manager has been appointed and we are taking on new staff.

The SIG Design and Technology Roofing Academy is a key part of our relationship with roofing contractors. It ensures that contractors understand our products and are able to install them intelligently, first time and every time. Our DATAC accredited contractors have an on-going relationship with our products and we provide them with continual training and support to build that relationship. This produces the best possible outcomes for our contractor and specifier clients.

What does the Roofing Academy Do?

Our Roofing Academy, based at our Headquarters in Shepshed, Leicestershire, isn’t simply a training facility. Here are the key activities:

  • Training UK roofing contractors in our range of single ply and liquid waterproofing systems;
  • Arranging training in hard metals (zinc and copper) and green roofing;
  • Building an on-going relationship with our roofing contractors to enable them to become and maintain DATAC accredited contractor status;
  • Maintaining the DATAC accredited contractor scheme;
  • Organising bespoke estimating and supervision courses for contract managers;
  • Training and supporting our Field Technicians who provide constant monitoring during site and support visits;
  • Providing Product Awareness Training for staff;
  • Working with our Technical Team to provide a Bid Support Service for Contractors;
  • Co-ordinating the provision of material samples and literature to contractors and specifiers to assist in bid and selection processes.

Why are we Growing?

SIG Design & Technology had another year of growth in 2013. The Roofing Academy played a key part:
Working at Height - Roofing Academy

21% more courses in 2013 compared to 2012;
30% more DATAC accredited contractors countrywide;
12% more site visits in 2013;
48% more warranties issued; and a staggering
326% more J42 Specification clauses issued, that’s four times as many as 2012. No wonder I’m tired!

But why are we growing? It’s not just coming out of the recession. Year on year throughout the recession our numbers have been increasing.

We think our success is due to selecting and offering products that support contractors in their work. Our portfolio includes a range of waterproofing systems, together with hard metals, green roofing and ancillaries, so we’re able to recommend the best roofing solution for any situation.

We have an excellent sales team supported by top quality training, technical support and field technicians, which together make contractors enjoy the experience and want to use us again.

I also think our unique role as a ‘Product Agnostic’ roofing supplier gives contractors and specifiers the confidence to rely on our advice in a way they might not with single manufacturer companies.

The Roofing Academy has new leadership through the new role of Roofing Academy Manager and we’re also taking on additional support staff. We’re looking forward to another exceptional year at SIG Design and Technology.