SIG Roof Lines: The RIBA Journal June 2016

This week the June 2016 issue of RIBA Journal is published, complete with our eighth technical guide: SIG Roof Lines.

SIG Design & Technology partner with the RIBA Journal to help supply architects with impartial, useful advice on designing flat, green and metal roofs.

This issue features the award winning Re-roofing of Westminster Cathedral by St Ann’s Gate Architects, Best Practice when Choosing Flat Roof Waterproofing, and timing is everything when Installing a Green Roof.

In this post you will find additional resources to help you in your roof design choices.

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Act of Faith

The RIBAJ interviewed Cathedral Architect Michael Drury of St Ann’s Gate Architects about their work at Westminster Cathedral, and in particular the re-roofing of this Grade 1 listed Byzantine style home of the Catholic Church in England. This complex roof consists of four copper domes and various stepped surfaces which were re-roofed using a modern version of the historic waterproofing often used on listed buildings, mastic asphalt. The project won the 2016 Roofing Award for Mastic Asphalt & Hot-Melt Roofing. Click here to download the article.

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Choosing A Flat Roof

SIG Roof Lines June 2016 Pages 2-3

Our double page spread this month takes us back to basics and helps you choose which type of waterproofing is best for your flat roof, based on some simple principles. Ross Finnie looks at four main types of flat roof waterproofing: Single Ply, Hot Melt, Built up Roofing (BUR) and Cold Applied Liquids, and ask what are their benefits and what should you look out for? We’ve also produced a simple table to summarise some of the main things to consider. Whilst you should always take independent professional advice when choosing waterproofing, this article should help you move along the decision making process a little further before you get in touch. We hope this article will be useful for you to share, particularly with junior colleagues.  Click the image to download the article.

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Timing is Everything

The back page this month features an interview with Guy Regan and Aaron Scanbrett of GR Roofing, and Steve Vincent of Verdico, about their work installing a green roof on a cafe at a country estate in Sussex. If you haven’t specified a green roof before you’ll find this article full of advice and tips on what you should bear in mind. GR Roofing were new to green roofs too, and their experience should give you food for thought.

Download the article here.

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8 Steps to a Perfect Roof

Designing a perfect roof has never been more challenging, but SIG Design and Technology have put together an 8 step guide to identify the challenges and ensure your design meets your client’s requirements.

Here are our 8 steps to the Perfect Roof.
8 Steps to the Perfect RoofClick the links to find out why they matter and how you can tick them off your To Do List.

  1. Choose the Right Roofing Products for the Right Job;
  2. Get Reliable Design Expertise from One Source;
  3. Ensure you meet All the Statutory Requirements;
  4. Be confident in Reliability of your Supply Chain;
  5. Use Reliable, Experienced Roofing Contractors;
  6. Monitor the Roofing Installation on Site;
  7. Ensure each roof is Fully Guaranteed, and
  8. Implement Appropriate Planned Maintenance.

Keep in Touch

We hope you enjoyed the eighth SIG Rooflines edition and look forward to sharing more roofing advice in a couple of months, alongside some truly inspirational buildings. You can read the earlier issues here:

Issue 1: Green roof hobbit-house, best practice with Single Ply roofing and avoiding Metal Theft.

Issue 2: British Tobacco HQ in Bristol, best practice with Metal roofing and cladding and two zinc-clad houses in Hertford

Issue 3: Mario Botta’s CorTen Steel clad chapel in the alps, best practice in Green Roofing and odourless roof repair.

Issue 4: Angled zinc cladding on Bolton College’s new STEM Centre, a case study on liquid waterproofing and preventing leaks in flat roofs.

Issue 5: Waterproofing Balconies with Stanton Williams, Zinc Shingles on the Amphibious House  and learning about Guarantees.

Issue 6: Peppa Pig World Green Roof, Hot Melt at 5 Broadgate with Make Architects and Acoustics in Schools.

Issue 7: Zinc Shingles at Northbrook College Worthing, Best Practice in Metal Shingles and Collaborative Working at Arnold Hill Academy.

Here’s a full list of SIG Rooflines blog posts.

We’ll be continuing to publish technical advice and information here on our blog in the meantime, and running another technical seminar in the Autumn, so feel free to subscribe to our blog for free roofing design advice as we publish it.

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