Sara Bexley becomes Roofing Academy Manager

SIG Design and Technology has promoted Sara Bexley to the role of Roofing Academy Manager. Sara has been with the business since 2011.

The appointment will be a new role for Sara who has excelled in her previous role supporting the technical team. Sara will head up the newly expanded Roofing Academy, which not only trains our DATAC accredited roofing contractors but also runs the DATAC scheme and provides a range of other training and Bid Support functions.

“Sara is an incredibly committed and highly valued member of the Design and Technology team,” Steve Cleminson, Technical Manager said. “She has been a key member of the technical department since she joined as a temp, helping to develop and support the whole ethos and practical implementation of our blue and green status DATAC contractor scheme. Sara identifies who needs our support, helps prioritise the activities of our field engineers and ensures our compliance procedures. The promotion recognises her management potential and gives her the opportunity to take a front seat in driving the Roofing Academy forward.”