Roof Design Video CPD: Designing and Enabling the Roof to Work Harder

What is a roof for? That might sound a simplistic question, and the most straightforward answer is ‘To keep the rain out, of course.’ Any roof that cannot do that is certainly not fit for purpose. But today, in our crowded cities, very often the roof needs to do a great deal more.

This half-hour video seminar provides guidance and inspiration on how to maximise the fifth elevation. It covers sustainable waterproofing, insulation, green roofing, carbon capture, energy generation, creating amenity space, providing for biodiversity, harvesting rainwater and more.

The CPD focuses on correct roof design and how to install innovative products so as to retain the integrity of the waterproofing and it makes reference to British standards and codes of practice. It compares built up and modular green roofs and discusses increasing efficiency of photovoltaic energy capture by the specification of solar reflective membranes. The video also offers key points on the HSE’s regulations on working at height.

The seminar covers the RIBA Core Curriculum area ‘Climate: sustainable architecture’ to the knowledge level ‘General Awareness’

Watch the half hour CPD (in three 10 minute sections) via Youtube below. It is also available on our section of the RIBA Product Selector Website.

SIG Design and Technology also offer in-house CPD seminar on Single-Ply Roofing – The Modern Solution.

We’re also happy to send a specification manager to meet you to discuss roofing options for a specific project. Contact us if you’d like to book a session.

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