Re Roofing in Action – Replacing a Supermarket Flat Roof in 3 minutes [Video]

Here’s a time lapse video recording of the replacement of the flat roof at Waitrose distribution centre in Aylesford, Kent.

The video shows how the 10,200m2 roof is completely stripped off and replaced in a fast-track 12-week contract period without any disruption to the round-the-clock operations of the distribution centre below. The time lapse, which was created for the supermarket Estates Department, allows us to see the whole roof replacement in just 3 minutes.

Reroofing Video: What you can see

As you watch the video you can see the roofing contractors, Genco Construction Services, stripping off the existing bituminous roofing material and insulation, and apply a new self-adhesive vapour barrier, insulation and the IKO Spectraplan SG TPE single ply fleece backed roofing membrane.

In places the metal deck also needed replacing and this was taken up and replaced as required, avoiding any unnecessary waste.

The video also shows detail of the roof build-up, which includes a self-adhesive vapour barrier and fully adhered insulation and membrane. The fixed programme ensured the work was completed before Waitrose’s particularly busy Christmas period.

Reroofing system: choice of materials

As a responsible retailer, Waitrose believes in ‘treading lightly on the environment’ and this applies not only to their produce but their working methods and estate. In 2013 they won a Big Tick Award in the Responsible Business Awards for their work in maintaining a sustainable supply chain.

The choice of Spectraplan SG TPE fleece-backed single ply membrane for this reroofing project is part of the ‘Waitrose Way’ as the product is A+ rated and contributes to a BREEAM Very Good rating. Spectraplan membranes are free from plasticisers, (H)CFCs, halogens and heavy metals. They can also be recycled into primary end products at the end of their long lifespan.

The increased insulation value of the new roofing system also makes a contribution and assists Waitrose in its mission to save energy across the estate. The use of a self-adhered vapour barrier enabled the site to remain flame-free.

Manufacturer IKO has guaranteed the new roofing system for 20 years on both materials and labour.

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