SIG successful in CIF funding bid for St. John’s School

Project: St John’s School
Surveyors: Thornton Firkin
Roofing contractors: Dufell Roofing
Membrane: SIGnature Torch-On System

SIG Design & Technology used their know how and professional expertise to secure the government’s Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) for roof repairs to a 1740m2 project at St John’s School, Bishop Auckland. The school had previously been successful in accessing a lottery grant to refurbish their internal sports facilities but a CIF bid in 2015/16 had been turned down.

Built some 50+ years ago, the school’s original roof system had come to the end of its useful working life and persistent water ingress was a significant problem.

The school had learned how SIG was successful in developing CIF applications and so D&T’s national specification manager for bituminous membranes, Ian Dryden was called in to undertake a full roof survey will would provide the major justification for the much sought-after 2016/17 funding.

Working alongside surveyors, Thornton Firkin, he also developed a detailed project specification. The surveying practice went on to submit the bid to CIF’s panel, which was successful and included sufficient funding to allow for an acoustically insulated ceiling to be installed above the swimming pool.

SIG designed the roof, which was complex in parts, to comprise a mix of complementary interfacing products comprising the SIGnature bituminous roofing system, Armourplan single-ply PVC membrane and Steadman’s composite panels.

SIG’s specific documentation was also submitted as tender information to four contractors to enable the school to secure best value. SIG accredited contractors, Dufell Roofing Contractors of Darlington County Durham were appointed. 

Gym Hall &  Changing Rooms
The roof deck to the 900m2 Gym Hall & Changing Rooms was deemed fragile and to contain asbestos. Dufell who are licensed handlers of asbestos removed the deck using the correct H & S methods. The roof was then completely refurbished with the SIGnature bituminous torch-on system comprising vapour control layer (VCL), Cut-To-Falls insulation together with SIGnature 25 underlay and cap sheet which were installed over a new timber deck.

 St Johns School Case Study Website Inset Image

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool was stripped of its original concrete tiles and an aluminium structural deck installed to receive the 390m2 Armourplan PSG system with standing seam, chosen as this robust single ply offers a highly attractive, aesthetic finish.

Careful thought needed to be given to the method of attaching the membrane to guard against potential wind uplift factors. The structural deck couldn’t be penetrated as it was essential to prevent chorine and humidity contaminating the system. So, SIG D & T developed a project-specific detail to provide mechanical restraint. The VCL was self-adhered, covered with 140 PIR insulation (also adhered) and capped with the Armourplan single ply.

St Johns School Case Study Website Swimming Pool roof

Composite Panels
Steadman’s composite panels (450 m2) were used as cladding in a series of locations on the roof and careful detailing was required where they interfaced with the BUR and single ply systems.

St Johns School Case Study Website Composite Panels

Stephen Riddell, director of Dufell Roofing said; “Both phases of the refurbishment were carried out while the school was in session and site safety was paramount. We installed temporary fencing to safeguard specific areas during phases one and two.

“Materials were dispatched to our local SIG Middlesbrough depot and HGV delivery windows were agreed for when pupils, staff and other visitors were not on the premises. Time was tight on this contract which had to be handed back on time and to budget. The SIG single point of service from design and specification to delivery and inspections really simplified project logistics.”

The project carries the SIG 25 warranty for bituminous areas and 15 years for Armourplan on both materials and labour.

Thornton Firkin’s senior surveyor, Trevor Hall said: “SIG Design & Technology’s thorough approach from site survey to specification was highly supportive of St John’s successful bid for CIF funding.

“They went on to deliver complex roof designs and then to undertake ongoing site inspections as part of the guarantee process.”

St John’s School – SIG successful in CIF funding bid case study

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