Rebecca Adlington Pool

Location: Mansfield Swimming Pool
Project: £4.5 million swimming centre rebuild/expansion: Rebecca Adlington Pool
Client: Mansfield District Council
Architect: Steve Melhuish, Mansfield District Council
Main contractors: GF Tomlinson
Roofing Contractors: Ashgate Roofing (SIG-accredited)
Roof Design & Supply: SIG Design & Technology
Type: Refurbishment
 Rhepanol Fk
Vapour barrier: Full metal lined bonded vapour barrier
Cut To Falls Insulation: SIG Design & Technology Cut-To-Falls system
Maintenance walkways: 200 linear metres
Full Man-safe Cable System: Free standing hand rail and fall restraint lined system
Scope: 2,000 m2 over 7 roofs

The £4.5m transformation of the 1970s’ baths where the UK’s golden girl of swimming learned her sport is creating a superb 21st century facility: the Rebecca Adlington Pool.

The 2010 opening of the new facilities will reveal the pool hall’s landmark barrel rooflight restored to its former glory and swimmers will enjoy six swimming lanes instead of just two, as previously. State of the art changing facilities and an extended fitness suite are also included within the extensively upgraded centre.

SIG Design & Technology worked with the clients to deliver a bespoke roofing solution. This featured Rhepanol fk from FDT to meet the council’s stringent environmental criteria, complemented with vapour barrier, cut-to-falls tapered insulation developed by SIG as a one-piece design, 200 linear metres of maintenance walkways and a full mansafe cable system.

Mansfield District Council architect Steve Melhuish said: “SIG Design & Technology’s guarantee overcomes the design risk associated with the compatibility and interface between different components and elements of the roof build up.”

Rebecca Adlington Pool Case Study