Baxter Green

Project: Baxter Green, Bramcote
Client: Willmark Homes
Architect: Leonard Design
Contractor: William May Developments
Roofing Contractor: K&S Services Nottingham Ltd
Waterproofing membrane: IKO Armourplan PSG PVC single ply membrane


IKO Armourplan PSG single ply membrane has been specified for a re-development by Willmark Homes on the former site of St John’s College in Bramcote village, Nottingham. When completed Baxter Green will feature 40 residential properties varying in sizes from apartments to five-bedroom houses.

About the Project

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Architects Leonard Design were appointed to create this residential development set in the former gardens of the Grade II listed college. The picturesque scheme has been sympathetically designed to complement the existing buildings and create an exclusive development of luxury homes with a strong connection to the outdoors.

Phase 1 has seen the development of the four and five-bedroom houses which boast a striking three-storey design. The front elevation presents a house of two halves, flat roof areas support a large terrace to one side and a pitched roof on the opposite. The roof provides a distinctive element and appears to wrap around the house flowing from the apex down to ground level. Due to the degree of visibility accorded by the steepness of the slope the concept demanded a roof covering which could meet the high expectations with regard to visual appearance.

Product Choice

The developers had originally wanted to specify a zinc material for the roof areas, however after exploring the options it was deemed to be out of reach in terms of budget constraints. SIG’s Approved Contractor K&S Services had no hesitation in recommending IKO’s Armourplan PVC membrane. The single ply membrane, supplied by SIG Design & Technology, has excellent sustainable credentials plus the added benefits of the mock seam profiles to replicate a metal appearance.

Kevin Whitham, Director of K&S Services explains “Initially the developers were unsure about using a single ply membrane and how it could replicate the metal look. I was able to provide them with samples of how the standing seam profile would look and they instantly agreed it was the best and most cost-effective solution.”

IKO Armourplan PSG

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Working on a cold roof design and considering the visibility of the design, Kevin recommended a fully bonded membrane system with IKO’s Armourplan PSG. The aim was to mitigate the dangers of wind uplift and create a seamless, sleek skin over the roof area. IKO Armourplan PSG is a glass tissue reinforced polyester fleece backed membrane suitable for both flat and sloping roofs and is inherently suited to a fully bonded approach. The PVC membrane is 1.2mm thick and available in two-metre wide strips, which are hot welded together to form consistent, reliable joints.

Kevin explains: “We find Armourplan PSG ideal for adhering straight onto plywood, with the fleece backing helping smooth away any bumps or unevenness in the roof. It also adheres really well with the low foaming adhesive. We probably use it more than any other membrane.”

Attention to Detail

To achieve the full impact of the design intent on this high end development, it was essential that clean crisp lines of the field area and drip trim facets and standing seams were achieved. The SIG Design & Technology Accredited Contractor (DATAC) scheme ensures roofing contractors are not only trained in the products they work with but also enter a process of on-going support, training and evaluation. Only DATAC installers who receive Armourplan product-specific training are permitted to install the full roof build up.

As a DATAC member K&S Services were able to meet the level of detail required for this project through their high standards of intricate workmanship.

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IKO’s Laminated PVC Coated Metal, a galvanised steel, was used to form bespoke trim detailing on the main high level roof with drip edges matching the membrane’s slate grey colouring.

Nigel Fields, Midlands Area Technician for SIG Design and Technology, explained: “The metal trims act as mechanical restraints, trapping the membrane around the roof perimeters to secure it against any possible delamination from the timber substrate.”

The second form of mechanical restraint, peel stop termination bars, was used on the roof terraces.

Nigel went on: “The bars are a strip of mild steel with pre-drilled holes along their length. This enables the installer to insert self-drilling, self-tapping screws through the bars into the substrate layers to secure them.”

IKO’s Armourplan single ply roofing membranes are the only single ply to be manufactured in the UK and come with a 20 year guarantee.

Baxter Green case study

More information

SIG Design & Technology has put together an 8-step guide to identify the challenges and ensure that a roof’s design meets a building’s requirements. Called “#Perfect Roof”, the eight steps follow the process from product selection and design expertise through to full guarantees and planned maintenance. This know-how is just part of the service that is provided free to customers.