ONE Warranty for Pitched Roofs

We often write in this blog about the value to clients of a single warranty for the whole roof ‘from the deck up’. It is something that we can provide for flat roofs, green roofs and zinc, copper and stainless steel roofing and cladding. But what if your client wants a pitched, tiled or slate roof? Can they still get a single warranty?

Our parent company SIG Roofing has come up with a solution, and it has several benefits to roofers, including roofers doing small domestic roof projects. It’s called ONE Warranty.

ONE Warranty has been created to benefit contractors and property owners of all sizes, however – here’s how it can help your domestic customers.

The challenge

The vast majority of roofing contractors are small or micro-businesses, and most of the roofing projects they carry out are small domestic buildings, new build alterations or extensions. These people are the backbone of the construction industry and work very hard to make a living. They don’t want to be involved in complex warranty processes, and neither do their customers, who are likely to be only involved in one such project during their lifetime.

Whatever the size of your project, roofing warranties can be complex, particularly when there are several different products, produced by several different manufacturers. The customer doesn’t want to get in an argument with the roofer if something goes wrong with one of these products, and the roofer doesn’t either. However 70% of contractors have had to replace a roofing product through a warranty claim, so there is always the chance that they will have to get involved.

SIG Roofing are in a unique position to solve this problem because they supply a wide range of products, and like SIG Design & Technology, can provide impartial advice and support that a single manufacturer could not. SIG Roofing carried out extensive customer and market research to understand the roofing contractor and customer needs. This work has produced ONE Warranty. Whatever the size of your project, ONE Warranty gives both the roofer and the customer peace of mind so that if they do have to make a claim, the process is incredibly simple.

The solution

ONE Warranty has been put together to produce an incredibly simple warranty process that covers the key elements of the roof build-up, all the key products and ancillaries. The products’ performance will be covered for 15 years under one single package warranty, at no extra charge.

The process is available for all size of project and all size of roofing contractor, and is incredibly simple to put into place.

The roofing contractor simply:

  1. Registers to participate on the SIG Roofing website;
  2. Receives a membership number and welcome pack, including materials to market the offer to customers;
  3. Purchases an installs the relevant qualifying products from SIG Roofing, who have over 160 Roofing branches nationwide;
  4. Applies for ONE Warranty back on the SIG Roofing website when the job is completed; and
  5. Receives the ONE Warranty certificate, which is also sent direct to the customer.

Products that Qualify for ONE Warranty

SIG Roofing is one of the largest specialist distributor of roofing products in the UK and is part of the FTSE250 quoted SIG Plc. The full list of qualifying products is on the SIG Roofing website here and they include:

  • SIGA Natural Slate
  • SIGA Heritage Reproduction Stone
  • SIGnature Clay Tiles
  • Roofing Batten
  • Underlays and Undertile Felt
  • Fixings and Fittings
  • Ridge Tiles and Finials
  • Dry Ridge Kits
  • Lead Flashing and Sealant
  • Lead Replacement Flashing,
  • And a range of other accessories.

Visit the ONE Warranty website for the full list, details of all the products, and links to further resources.

Benefits for Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors of all sizes are warming to the ONE Warranty idea for several reasons:

  • It’s Simple – Easy to understand, easy to use, a single service and a single point of delivery of all key materials.
  • It’s Cost Effective – the warranty incurs no extra charge for contractors – in other words, it is free.
  • It Adds Value – helping a roofing contractor offer a genuine additional value element to their offering
  • It provides Peace of Mind – contractors can be confident they are using quality products across the roof build up, and are working with a well-established FTSE 250 company.

Benefits for Property Owners

Roofing contractors can use ONE Warranty to pass on something of real value to their customers.

  • It provides Peace of Mind – a single 15-year warranty that covers the entire roof build up and is backed up by a well established FTSE250 company.
  • It’s Simple to Use – with ONE Warranty covering the whole roof, there is one point of contact in the event of a claim, one document to look after and no issues between separate warrantees.
  • It’s Cost Effective – at no cost to the contractor, and no cost to pass on to the customer, the ONE Warranty system is a win all round.

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