New and improved AH+ Liquid Waterproofing from SIG

SIG Design & Technology have launched the next generation of the popular liquid waterproofing system AH+ with improved levels of robustness and usability.

Liquid waterproofing systems provide one of the most cost-effective methods for making a new or existing roof waterproof. Correctly installed and maintained they can provide a long-term life often in excess of 25 years, and in refurbishment situations liquid systems can provide considerable savings on roof replacement costs. Liquid Waterproofing Systems are definitely worth considering in your project.

AH+ Liquid Waterproofing

The new and improved AH+ is a wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing product that’s fully reinforced with a polyester fabric. As an innovative one-component liquid system it offers many benefits including ease of application, fast curing times and its low VOC content ensures it is fume free and virtually odourless. It can also be applied in practically any conditions and at low temperatures. The superior performance of the liquid waterproofing system makes it ideal for new build or refurbishment projects and gives superb results with complex detailing.

Available in two versions, AH25+ and AH15+ use different weight reinforcement fleece and coverage rates and are available with 25 and 15-year warranties respectively. AH+ systems are BBA certified, certified to EN13948: 2007 for Green Roofs and fire tested to meet BS476-3 2004

The new improved AH+ is just one of a wide range of liquid waterproofing systems offered by SIG Design & Technology to suit your project with warranties available from 10 to 25 years.

Successful liquid roofing applications rely heavily on the contractor choosing the right product and installing it in the approved manner, so be sure to talk to us about your requirements. The SIG Design & Technology Accredited Contractor scheme (DATAC) will also provide assurance that our roofing systems are correctly installed.

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