Innovative LIQUIROOF insulation boards available exclusively from SIG Design & Technology

To support their range of liquid waterproofing products, SIG Design & Technology are working with EAP to exclusively supply their innovative LIQUIROOF insulation boards. This partnership combines their expertise on both the insulation and waterproofing under one package.

LIQUIROOF interlocking PIR boards deliver a super-flat surface ideal for liquid and flat roofing systems. Liquid waterproofing coatings are typically between 1.25 to 2mm thick meaning even the most minor imperfections in the substrate surface can create alignment issues and stress points on the outer surface coating. LIQUIROOF fully supported PIR insulation boards interlock on all 4 sides, from top to bottom, to create a strong and solid surface with no raised edges, misalignment or gaps.

Faced with a lightweight 8mm OSB 3 panel on the topside, LIQUIROOF panels are designed for use on old or new boarded structures. The polyurethane rigid foam insulation core provides maximum insulation with minimum panel thickness. The serrated edges on the boards slot together easily to cover large uneven surfaces, and with minimised alignment time are quick to install.

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SIG Design & Technology offer a wide range of liquid waterproofing systems to suit your project with warranties available from 10 to 25 years. Successful liquid roofing applications rely heavily on the contractor choosing the right products and installing them in the approved manner. The SIG Design & Technology Accredited Contractor scheme (DATAC) provides assurance that the company’s roofing systems are correctly installed.

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