Best Roofing Photo of the Month – January 2018

Every month our field technicians visit and inspect hundreds of roofing projects across the UK. They see some of the best examples of good practice, and we thought we’d give them the opportunity to share some of these with you. The criteria are simple. Share with us a photograph demonstrating either good practice or best looking finished roof.

So, we’re delighted to launch our first ‘Best Roofing Photo’ competition with our first winner.

January Winner: Off Site Roofing at Alfreton for Urban Splash

Our January Best Roofing Photo of the Month winner is Nigel Fields. Nigel took this photograph within SIG Building Systems’ Offsite factory in Alfreton.

Best Roofing Photo of the Month Jan 2018

The project is for Phase 2 of a housing project called ‘House’ in Irwell Riverside, Manchester for the developer Urban Splash. SIG Building Systems are producing 74 roof units for this phase, totaling 4440m2 of roofing.

Urban Splash call ‘House’ the ‘Ideal House for 21st Century Living that puts you in control’. Purchasers can choose layouts and sizes, and the homes are built very swiftly; off-site construction makes that possible. Watch this video to see the factory in action and find out more about the process:

The houses are built using a production line process. Once the timber structure for each floor is prepared the units are lifted onto a podium deck structure, which then allows roofing works to take place, while at the same time Plumbing, Electrics and dry lining works are done underneath. The roofing units are then lifted off and leave the factory for on-site installation by SIG Building Systems Zip Up team.

Setting Out

Nigel tells us that on this visit he was inspecting unit 43s.

“We are a little over half way on production. I started undertaking phase 2 factory inspections during June 2017 last year and attend the factory between every 2-4 weeks. This is my 10th visit to the factory for this project.”

The roof system used is built around IKO’s Armourplan SG slate grey PVC membrane, fully adhered to an OSB timber substrate. SIG Design and Technology developed the specification and original drawings for the roofing units, and SIG Building Systems’ Roofspace team prepare any new details in liaison with Nigel and the D&T team.

View down the factory floor

Roofing installation is carried out by Robinson Flat Roofing from Leicester who were trained up at SIG Design and Technology’s Roofing Academy in Loughborough.

Installation of the Armourplan Membrane

Technical Director Stephen Cleminson, chair of the judging panel for our Roofing Photo of the Month competition, commented,

“This is a great example of how roofing installation is entering the 21st Century. Whilst homes have been mass produced since the 1960s, today they can be fully made in the factory to exceptionally high standards, with the consumer able to choose many more elements. Nigel’s photography of this work shows us a glimpse of the latest roofing installation environment, which employs highly skilled designers and installers in ideal controlled conditions to ensure quality and longevity. Our field technicians are a key element of this process.”

The individual floors under construction

Roof being transferred by crane

Here’s a photograph of some of the units on site in Irwell, taken by Field Technician Billy Lavender, who was this months’ runner up!

The finished housing units on site

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