rhepanol reaches 50
Rhepanol Reaches 50 Rhepanol Reaches 50

Rhepanol Reaches 50

Rhepanol Reaches 50

Project Name: Water treatment plant
Location: Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
Product: Prewanol PIB membrane, predecessor to Rhepanol fk
Size: 180 m2
Testing institute: State Material Testing Institute (MPA) Darmstadt

It’s a fact that synthetic roofing membranes enjoy well proven longevity but for exactly how long has, to date, only been simulated by laboratory ageing tests. Evidence based on tests of a product in situ for over half a century is eminently more convincing.

Back in 2005, what is thought to be the oldest fully functional roof with a full-sized synthetic waterproofing was discovered in the small peaceful village of Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany. Dating back more than 50 years then, the building was used for the temporary storage of drinking water which supplied the adjacent housing estate in peak times. A roof that could leak untreated rainwater into the village’s drinking supply was unthinkable and so the best membrane available in 1955, Prewanol PIB, was chosen.

Fifteen years ago, the building was superseded by a new larger plant room and so was left unused for a whole decade. On examination in 2005, the roof did not show any significant damage and even the detailing to two integrated roof vents remained defect free.

As manufacturers of Prewanol PIB, the predecessor to Rhepanol fk, FDT invited State Material Testing Institute (MPA) to undertake an independent analysis of the membrane’s integrity including the welded seams. The results confirmed that the roof was still sufficiently waterproof and performing well.

Rhepanol is proven to be the oldest and most environmental friendly single ply in the world. It is the only membrane with a unique Life Cycle Assessment and meets DIN EN ISO 14040 part ff.

Today, the Rhepanol range of membranes, which are suitable for new build, over roofing, green roofs and under photovoltaic panels, is […]

Famous London Department Store Famous London Department Store

Famous London Department Store

Famous London Department Store

Location:  City of London
Client:  Confidential
Architect:  Woods Hardwick Architects
Main contractors:  Bell Projects
Roofing Contractors:  Albany Brent
Roof Design & Supply:  SIG Design & Technology
Type:  Refurbishment 
 FDT’s Rhepanol fk
Maintenance walkways:  FDT’s Rhepanol Walkway Tiles
Scope/size of roof:  950 square metres

Speed, reliability and safety were paramount when a prestigious London department store commissioned the £5 million construction of an additional storey to accommodate a new office suite.

The contract at the London department store involved Albany Brent roofing contractors removing the vast array of plant from the original flat roof and reconfiguring it on a new horseshoe-shaped flat roof area. Disrupting business and inconveniencing the store’s thousands of shoppers was out of the question – any noisy works had to be undertaken overnight. So when it came to installing the new 950 sq m flat roof, the answer lay in finding a single-ply roofing membrane that could be installed without hot works. But with a large amount of densely-packed rooftop plant to accommodate, it was also essential that no corner of the roofscape could risk being susceptible to water ingress.

SIG Design & Technology won the contract to supply FDT’s Rhepanol fk single-ply membrane for the prestigious contract through Sunny Lotay (Business Development Manager) and Paul Mancz, (Branch Manager) at Asphaltic Roofing Supplies Kentish Town.

Along with a proven track and unmatched environmental credentials, the membrane could be attached to the metal deck and new steel purlings with adhesive, eliminating any risks associated with hot works. The walkways tiles were then fixed in place to provide continued ease of access to the rooftop plant.

Famous London Department Store Case Study

rebecca adlington swimming pool
Rebecca Adlington Pool Rebecca Adlington Pool

Rebecca Adlington Pool

Rebecca Adlington Pool

Location: Mansfield Swimming Pool
Project: £4.5 million swimming centre rebuild/expansion: Rebecca Adlington Pool
Client: Mansfield District Council
Architect: Steve Melhuish, Mansfield District Council
Main contractors: GF Tomlinson
Roofing Contractors: Ashgate Roofing (SIG-accredited)
Roof Design & Supply: SIG Design & Technology
Type: Refurbishment
 Rhepanol Fk
Vapour barrier: Full metal lined bonded vapour barrier
Cut To Falls Insulation: SIG Design & Technology Cut-To-Falls system
Maintenance walkways: 200 linear metres
Full Man-safe Cable System: Free standing hand rail and fall restraint lined system
Scope: 2,000 m2 over 7 roofs

The £4.5m transformation of the 1970s’ baths where the UK’s golden girl of swimming learned her sport is creating a superb 21st century facility: the Rebecca Adlington Pool.

The 2010 opening of the new facilities will reveal the pool hall’s landmark barrel rooflight restored to its former glory and swimmers will enjoy six swimming lanes instead of just two, as previously. State of the art changing facilities and an extended fitness suite are also included within the extensively upgraded centre.

SIG Design & Technology worked with the clients to deliver a bespoke roofing solution. This featured Rhepanol fk from FDT to meet the council’s stringent environmental criteria, complemented with vapour barrier, cut-to-falls tapered insulation developed by SIG as a one-piece design, 200 linear metres of maintenance walkways and a full mansafe cable system.

Mansfield District Council architect Steve Melhuish said: “SIG Design & Technology’s guarantee overcomes the design risk associated with the compatibility and interface between different components and elements of the roof build up.”

Rebecca Adlington Pool Case Study

allerton high school
Allerton High School Allerton High School

Allerton High School

Allerton High School

Location:  Leeds
Project:  £3million new-build, in Building Schools for the Future programme: Allerton High School
Client:  Leeds Local Education Partnership
Architect:  Stephen Finch, Watkins Gray International
Main contractors:  Environments 4 Learning led by Interserve Project Services
Roofing Contractors:  Ashgate Roofing Systems Ltd (SIG-accredited)
Roof Design & Supply:  SIG Design & Technology
Type:  New build
Membrane:  Rhepanol fk supplier
Vapour barrier:  Plana V2 ex Asphaltic
Scope:  7,500 square metres over 7 roofs

Secondary school education in Leeds has been at the cutting edge of the government’s ambitious Building Schools for the Future programme, with the award-winning £31 million transformation of Allerton High School leading the way.

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown officially opened the new state-of-the art facilities at the specialist business and enterprise school: an innovative design featuring four learning “pods” based around a central street area and with the addition of a £1.3million multi-faith centre to provide a unique community focus.

SIG Design Technology worked with the Interserve-led consortium, Environments 4 Learning on the Allerton High School project, along with nearby Pudsey Grangefield and Rhodillion secondary schools, all of which underwent a total rebuild, to help create groundbreaking 21st century roofing solutions – a fitting match for the contemporary new learning facilities.

The large and complex roofing project includes a series of spectacular architectural rooflights; walkways and a detailed “shadow line” external finish to the parapets. The roof of the concrete framed building was made up with a concrete base and was covered with 7,500 sq m of Rhepanol fk, the world’s most advanced single-ply roofing membrane, with Plana V2 vapour barrier supplied by SIG Design & Technology. The Rhepanol membrane was bonded to a complex tapered thermal insulation system by Ecotherm.

Despite a series of setbacks, including gales, during the course of the job, roofing specialists, Ashgate Roofing Systems Ltd handed over the Rhepanol […]

stirling cricket club
Stirling County Cricket Club Stirling County Cricket Club

Stirling County Cricket Club

Stirling County Cricket Club


Name of project:  Stirling County Cricket Club
Location:  Sprinkerse, Stirling, Scotland
Client:  Stirling County Cricket Club
Product:  FDT Rhepanol fk membrane MCM panel systems and feature details
Architect:  J M Architects, Edinburgh
Main Contractor:  Ogilvie Construction
Installer:  A. & L. King (Builders) Ltd

When Stirling County Cricket Club switched home to a stunning new setting overlooked by Scotland’s national Wallace Monument, aesthetics and budget were key priorities for the new club pavilion. The successful delivery of those priorities has since been recognised with a Civic Trust Award for Best New Building 2003-2007.

The club’s new base lies in the heart of a beautiful conservation area and it was crucial that the materials used for the roof reflected the traditional character of the area.  The solution was products which delivered the appearance and performance of a traditional lead roof with zinc metal detailing.

Rhepanol fk, the world’s most advanced roofing membrane from FDT, was selected for the 400 sq m low-pitch roof of the clubhouse.  Rhepanol was Europe’s first single-ply membrane waterproofing system and today, more than 70 years later, remains a market leader in terms of flexible waterproofing, quality, value, longevity and performance, with unmatched environmental credentials.

Key sections of the roof were picked out in MCM Rhepanol metal to highlight the building’s architectural features.  MCN panel systems were used extensively to provide a high quality finish for the soffit, fascia and feature details.

FDT developed its PIB-based MCM system to provide a standing seam effect on a full metal build-up, while providing the outstanding waterproofing capabilities and longevity of FDT’s flagship single-ply roofing membrane.

So, if anyone is lucky enough to hit a six, the membrane system will prove itself up to the task for decades to come.

Northampton racecourse web case study main image
Northampton Racecourse Northampton Racecourse

Northampton Racecourse

Northampton Racecourse


Project Name:  Northampton Racecourse Pavilion
Location:  Northampton
Client:  Sport England – Football Foundation
Product:  MCM featuring Rhepanol fk
Size:  1,000 m2
Architect:  Northampton Borough Council
Installer:  GL Contracts Ltd

Aesthetics were leading the field of priorities when say SIG Design &Technology was asked to provide a new pavilion at Northampton Racecourse.

The sports pavilion sits in the very heart of a conservation area and so it was vital the roof had the appearance of an authentic lead roof – without impacting on either budget or on installation time.

The solution was a membrane-coated metal (MCM) roof featuring Rhepanol fk. The MCM was mechanically fixed to incorporate an insulated trapezoidal metal deck. The joints were sealed and waterproofed using Rhepanol technology. As a result, the project was fast-tracked to come in on budget and on time without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Northampton Racecourse Case Study

bosch cardiff plant
Bosch Bosch



Project Name:  Bosch Alternator Manufacturing Plant
Location:  Cardiff
Client:  Bosch
Product:  Rhepanol fk
Size:  30,000 m2
Installer:  SPV Roofing & Cladding

Speed and planning were the co-drivers of success when Bosch asked FDT to help re-roof the manufacturing plant at the heart of its world-wide alternator production.

A tight 12-week schedule and zero-level disruption were paramount at the plant, where the 1,000-strong workforce continued production round the clock throughout installation.

PIB-based Rhepanol fk, the world’s most advanced roofing membrane, with a synthetic fleece backing and integrated self-sealing edge, was chosen to provide a watertight solution for the 30,000 m2 roof.

The original roof was made up of concrete Durox lightweight concrete with a layer of felt, fibreboard insultation and a felt waterproofing system. Rhepanol fk was laid over the existing concrete decking and mechanically fixed using Gripfix, FDT’s unique hook-andloop
fixing strip.

The work was completed within the strict 12-week time frame with no disruption to the demanding 24-hour production schedule, despite some unfriendly weather conditions.

Bosch Alternator Plant Case Study

hadley learning centre
Hadley School Hadley School

Hadley School

Hadley School

Project Name:  Hadley School
Location:  Telford, Shropshire
Client:  Telford and Wrekin Borough Council
Product:  Rhepanol fk and Rhepanol hg
Size:  14,000 sq m
Architect:  Aedas AHR

Rhepanol fk and hg provided a solution for lost green space on one of the UK’s largest Private Finance Initiatives, Hadley School.

The 16-hectare, state-of-the art education centre, which brings together nursery, primary, secondary and community education facilities, is now a Telford landmark.

Some 14,000 sq m of its high quality flagship membranes Rhepanol fk and Rhepanol hg for the flat roof areas of the mammoth two-storey project, where one of the major priorities was keeping the roof maintenance free for the maximum possible length of time.

Nine roof areas at Hadley School were fitted with 12,000 sq m of Rhepanol fk while an additional 2,000 sq m of Rhepanol hg were installed to two featured green roofs, to keep them watertight and root-resistant. These were made up of Rhepanol hg, a drainage layer, soil substrate and a planted layer of sedum.

Hadley Learning Community Case Study

moonraker copper roof
Moonraker Moonraker



Project Name: Moonraker house
Location: Poole, Dorset
Client: Seven Developments, Bournemouth
Product: Rhepanol fk with FDT’s decorative copper finish
Size: 400 m2
Architect: KL Architects
Installer: Sharkey & Co and Evergreen Roof Gardens

Tough, suave and irresistibly good looking, FDT’s decorative copper coating was the perfect finish for the membrane roof of a super spy-inspired, award-winning home.

Moonraker is a luxury residential property drawing on the exploits of James Bond for inspiration. Bournemouth-based Seven Developments’ four-bedroom property, which includes a sunken garden with decked footbridge, is a cocktail of curves based on the
shape of a crescent moon.

FDT’s flagship “green” membrane, Rhepanol fk, was chosen for its unique, curvaceous roof. The bonded system was applied with Rhepanol Adhesive 90 and finished deftly with the contemporary copper coating to give it all the aesthetic qualities of traditional copper. Over time, the initial bright copper colour weathers to mellow bronze tones and eventually to a green patina.

Applied in two coats, even on standing seam profiles, it does not crack or peel and comes with the same life expectancy as the Rhepanol fk membrane.

Moonraker House Case Study