Deckdrain Drainage Board

Deckdrain Render

Intensive green roofs have a deeper layer of growing medium than extensive roofs and this increased depth has a greater capacity to retain water making it less likely to dry out.  Deckdrain consists of a combination of a cuspated core with geotextile fleece bonded to the upper face which reduces the risk of over saturation of the plants during periods of heavy rainfall.

Deckdrain is manufactured from up to 95% recycled material bonded to the upper face and is manufactured within the UK, making it an environmentally sound choice.

The high strength core used in Deckdrain allows the product to be used in high load areas such as on podium decks with vehicular traffic.

Thickness Flow rate* Puncture resistance Typical Applications
Deckdrain 700 7mm 0.67 2400N Smaller podium decks and car parks where outlets are closely spaced.
Deckdrain 1200 12mm 1.25 2300N Larger podium decks and car parks where outlets are less frequent.
Deckdrain 2500 25mm 4.30 4800N Applications where large volumes of water will be travelling over large distances in podium deck and green roofs.
Deckdrain 5000 50mm 29.00 N/A Used as part of the SUDS attenuation system


*Flow rate determined at HG=0.1 and under 20kPa load which represents the hydraulic gradient typical to a horizontal roof construction.  For further flow figures, including at HG=1 – vertical, please contact technical sales for the latest Deckdrain datasheet.

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