Growing Medium

Green RoofEach type of growing media is specifically developed for particular applications with its specification and performance characteristics tailored to suit the application requirements. There are three standard grades designed for use in intensive, extensive and biodiverse roof systems and for use over green roof structures.  Each grade is designed to provide the optimum weight to minimise loads on the roof structure whilst providing the right nutrient environment to provide sustainable long-term plant development with the roof or podium deck. All substrates are composed of composed material from sustainable sources, the crushed brick element is a by-product or a second from the brick manufacturing industry and therefore contains no demolition waste.

ABG Extensive Growing Media web pageExtensive growing media

A blend of water retaining aggregates, crushed brick and organic material mixed to provide an extensive substrate to meet customer specficiations. Extensive substrates are a versatile lightweight general purpose green roof growing media ideal for sedum matting systems and substrate based systems supporting hardier lower maintenance plants such as sedum, wild flowers and grasses. These mixes are used in a wide range of projects from large industrial or commercial buildings to smaller domestic properties.  To sustain plant growth the minimum depth of media shall be 80mm.


ABG Intensive Growing Media web pageIntensive growing media

A blend of water retaining aggregates, crushed brick and organic material designed for use on intensive green roofs. Intensive roof or roof gardens are, as the names suggests, higher maintenance installations which give a greater flexibility with planting options due to the increased substrate depth. These projects offer almost unlimited possibilities with regards to design and very often resemble recreational areas or public gardens. Intensive substrate depths are usually in excess of 200mm and although the organic content is higher than an Extensive blend, making it less free flowing, silo tankers can be used, but with slighting increased pumping times.


ABG Biodiverse Growing Media web pageBiodiverse growing media

A biodiverse substrate based environment is used to offer a habitat in synchronisation with the surrounding local area, offering ideal conditions for colonisation by neighbouring plant and animal species. Our biodiverse material is composed of recycled 14-15mm crushed brick, fine grade 10mm topsoil (certified to BS 3882) and 10mm composted recycled material (certified to PAS 100). Both the top soil and compost used meet strict soil association standards, and certification can be acquired on request. The recycled brick element is a by-product or second of the brick manufacturing process and therefore contains no demolition waste. Typically biodiverse finishes give the opportunity for an undulating landscaped profile varying from a minimum of 80mm to a maximum of 150mm depth of fill.

Product code Extensive Intensive Biodiverse
Loose bulk density 800-950 kg/m3 800-950 kg/m3 1000 kg/m3
Saturated bulk density 1200 kg/m3 (approx.) 1150 kg/m3 (approx.) 1250 kg/m3 (approx.)
pH value Mm 35 x 47
Available in

  • 25kg plastic sacks on pallets
  • 1.25kg bulk bags
  • Loose bulk (delivered by tipper lorry)
  • Loose bulk (delivered by silo tanker)

Download ABG green roof growing media datasheet here.

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