Podium Deck

The PermaTEC Podium Deck Waterproofing system provides a “protected membrane” system, often not insulated. PermaTEC is fully bonded to the structural deck, usually concrete, and covered with an IKO Plasdrain drainage mat, bedding material (sand and cement lean mix or other) and then a hard trafficable surface, usually pressed concrete paving. Green roofs or planters are often incorporated into podium deck designs. Insulation (XPS, Modified EPS or Foamglas) can be incorporated in the system above the PermaTEC membrane.

PermaTEC ECOwrap provides a flexible fully bonded monolithic waterproofing system usually on “completely flat” structural decks. Details (upstands, abutments, rainwater outlets, penetrations etc) are all fully bonded into the PermaTEC system ensuring total security.

Podium deck designs often incorporate “street furniture” (lighting, walls, handrails and other items) which are secured to the structural deck through the waterproofing system. These items can be securely waterproofed using the appropriate PermaTEC waterproofing detail.

PermaTEC is used on podiums decks in shopping centres, residential and other developments over car parks, and at street level over underground railway stations and other sensitive locations.

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